Shilpa Biswas Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Shilpa Biswas Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Introduction To A Genial & Snappy Girl

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INFOSAURS came back with a super stylish, bold actress or video editor – Shilpa Biswas, or Shilpsss. A tattoo girl rules the hearts of many with her alluring body features and earnestness towards the work. Shilpa is a kind of bizarre person whose choices are incredible. People know her for creating hilarious mini comic videos on Instagram. Read the piece of content and know how Disha (Shilpa’s sister) and Shilpa make people laugh on YouTube and Instagram with quality content.

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Birth Place, Parents, Sister, & Education

She cried for the first time on June 16, 1998, in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. However, the beautiful Senora grew up in different cities or states because she was an army kid. She has covered Bathinda, Dehradun, Himachal Pradesh, Jodhpur, and many more destinations. Miss Biswas attended various army public schools before graduating from Army Public School Dhaula Kuan in New Delhi. And eventually, BJMC was the university where she studied and dropped out in the middle.

Shyamal Biswas (Father) and Supriya Biswas (Mother) are her parents. She has one sister, Disha Biswas.

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Body Shape, Weight, Eye Color, & Height

Shilps weighs 52 kg with a sexy body structure of 34-25-36. The actress has brown-colored hair with attractive hazel green eyes. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. A lovey Actress, isn’t it?

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Shilps' body has nine tattoos: six on her hands, one on ankle, and two on her fingers, all of which are very noticeable. Gemini is her a zodiac sign.

Bad Aspects & Good Aspects

By the way, Shilpa is a quick learner, kind, helpful, and strong female, but on the other hand, she is a short-tempered lady.​​​​​​​


Shilpa, 24 at present, enjoys doing what she does and believes in living in the world of reality. And see, both the sisters, Shilpa and Disha, initiated a channel, Shilpa Disha, on YouTube and Instagram to entertain all the people and share vlogs, skincare, short films, vines, and more. Wonderful, right?


Spine-Chilling & A Little Funny Childhood Memory

Shilps has Nyctophobia (a fear of the dark). She still remembers when she was around 6 years old, her parents asked her whether she could take care of Disha, who was an infant at that time. So, Shilpa said, "Yes, I can take care of her properly." Now read what happens ahead! As the parents left the home, she started getting frightened as the whole residence was dark and her little sister was sleeping comfortably. Then Shilpa took her in her arms and rushed to the neighbor's housing. Then suddenly, Disha started crying and the parents heard its voice and they returned. The parents asked the neighbors if Shilpa was there. As they entered the neighbor’s home, they saw she was having dinner at the neighbor’s house, and Aunty was calming her baby sister.

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Journey – From Then To Now

Shilpa is a multi-talented performer who can do it all - dancing, sports, acting, and more. But her parents always expected her to become an Army officer. Yes, this was also something that she liked, but was not that she interested in it. The girl had no idea how to begin acting or where to start. After 12th she went to Mumbai, did modeling for one magazine, but nothing worked out well. Later, she returned home and struggled a lot, and at the same time, nothing was going well in her life, and can say she was depressed due to several reasons.

Her family was not so supportive of her acting career until she came back home from college. But anyhow, Shilpa and her sister Disha began to make short mini-comic videos on Instagram for fun, and then slowly converted it into a career option. Thus, they kicked off the page (Shilpa Disha). Both girls make funny videos and share them on Instagram and YouTube. They are endeavoring to accomplish what they dreamt of.

Some Unknown Things To Know About Miss Biswas

An actress becomes somber when it comes to work. A secret God believer has no faith in relationships anymore. Desire to spend the rest of one's life in a green and mildly cold part of the world. She wants to visit as many countries as possible till she is alive.  On top of this, a benevolent person feeds kids when she sees them begging for money. If any of the kids left fortuitously or for any reason, Shilpa spent her whole day thinking about it. A video editor thinks that aliens exist on the planet. She doesn’t know where they are all, but they are present somewhere. Last but not least, her willingness to feature in The Avengers Movie to play the role of Superwoman.

Her Biggest Dream

Shilpa set the example of getting inspired itself. No one inspired or motivated her but herself. She also wanted to be known for her skills, and her journey had commenced from her school days when she used to play skits with her friends. She is used to making up stories and acting.

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What An Actress Likes

Ryan Reynolds is her favorite actor. She is a chowhound and picky about food. Pizza is one of her favorite foods. Black, Neon Green, and Yellow are the colors she likes the most, but her choices change time to time. She typically watches thrillers, action comedies, suspenseful and horror genre movies. Though an actress doesn’t like watching web series, yet Squid Game, Money Heist, and All of Us are Dead are some of the web series she watches.

Hobbies: painting, body painting, art & craft, badminton, dance, and watching movies.

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Humorist Girls Are Now On Social Media

If you love watching comical or entertaining videos, you will undoubtedly love exploring the (Shilpa_Disha) channel on Instagram. To follow her, check out the IDs shilpsss_ and disha.haha_

She is seeking to get million followers on Instagram in the upcoming years. Currently, her source of income is through brands on Instagram.

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An actress with a self-assurance going ahead like a wave in the ocean,

Attitudes are like a blaze that lures everyone.

Steadily climbing the stairs of feat with her humorous style,

Her videos will soon become the key part of everyone’s life.

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