Disha Biswas Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Disha Biswas Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


This time, INFOSAURS is back with a sweet, smart, and sassy actress with a mass appeal hard to miss. Disha Biswas is a beautiful artist with an impressive acting skill-set which endears her to all. So, what's the delay?  Let us wade right through the mesmerizing maze, which is the life of dashing Disha.

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Dainty Disha was born on 23 June 2003 to Army personnel Mr. Shyamal Biswas and Mrs. Supriya Biswas in Panagarh, West Bengal. As an army kid she had quite an educative and high quality upbringing. Due to nature of Army job, growing up, she spent her time in a variety of places which included Jodhpur, Bhatinda, Rajouri, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune etc. This provided her with diverse experiences. Her childhood was crazy-cool where she grew up with her sweet sister Shilpa. Her schooling happened in a number of army schools and finally, she graduated from Army Public School, Pune. After that, she is pursuing her degree course from an open university.

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19 years old Damsel Disha has a very sweet and calming appearance. A cute oval face with uplifted chubby cheeks and longish full lips highlight her pretty facial features. At 5'4", she weighs a mere 45 kgs and packs a fit figure of 32-26-36. Hear beautiful dark brown hair match well with her beautiful brown eyes and sums up overall charms of this unabashed beauty. 


Audience's darling Disha is a very dynamic personality, one which piques everybody's interest. Friends and family fondly calls her Chitu. Charming Chitu is a devout cinema lover and enjoys movies thoroughly. For her, the most entertaining Bollywood movie is Hum Sath Sath Hain and in Hollywood, it is Jumanji. And among web shows her dearest one is the global heartthrob F.R.I.E.N.D.S. In Bollywood, her favorite actor is Pankaj Tripathi sir and Tapsee Pannu and for Hollywood, it is Ryan Reynolds and Courteney Cox. Like anybody and everybody, good food is Disha's delight. Rice, Junk food, momos, and golgappe are some of her greatest pleasure points. Vibrant and colorful Disha finds the mysterious Black color the most interesting. Her traveling destinations are not limited and she desires to roam all around the globe. For settlement, she would like any mildly cold place on earth. Apart from her passion for acting, she has dancing, singing and gymnastics as her hobbies and her gymnastics is a lesser-known facet of hers.  Coming to her personality traits. Good part is her high patience and humility. The bad part is her naivety which makes her trust people easily.

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She is a strict Army kid and hence smoking and drinking are far from possible. But, very occasionally, alcohol is consumed. Disha's mantra for life is 'Live and Let Live'. Her childhood has had some really naughty episodes and once, she had taken her sister's toothbrush and wiped in on bathroom floor! Disha has a great dream - To be able to take responsibility for her entire family. Talking about her inspiration for becoming an actress, it was her sister Shilpa. Apart from a bundle of useful talents, she has one useless one - she can make a flower with her tongue :o. Her immediate next target is to take her Instagram following beyond one million. 

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Her glorious journey has humble beginnings. Like-minded sisters Disha and Shilpa were both passionate about acting. So, they collaborated and kick-started their page Shilpa_Disha. The ride was a real bumpy one because their parents were far from supportive. Initially, their content received hardly any or just lukewarm response from audience, which being one of the hardest sorrows for any artists, was really heartbreaking for them. At one point, sister Shilpa had a mental breakdown due to a variety of reasons and the sisters almost gave up on their dreams and page, however they carried on because this was their reason for happiness. With hardwork and patience, luck and tables turned one fine day when one of their videos went viral.  shilpa_disha, shilpssss_ and disha.haha_ are the Instagram handles of these sisters. Their joint handle creates relatable content, comedy, and fashion stuff which is enjoyed by all. This has a huge following of over 142k+! Currently, the major source of their income is from brand endorsement in their page. In near future, she plans to get featured in movies and/ or web shows with a strong social message and also on some action movies. That's pretty much everything about her successfully growing career. 

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Twinning with her sister, Incredible Disha amazes
Together battling, destroying - every hardship she faces
An actress of high quality, her content are relatable
Day to day scenarios - Joyful & entertaining: That's undebatable
Against all odds, Shilpa and Disha prevailed
Deep into sea of success - Their ship they have sailed
Aiming to bag roles in movies with message
Disha keeps evolving along each and every passage
May the sassy sisters keep us spell bounded
Limitless applause for Disha humble and grounded
May they rise forever - becoming artists sought - most wanted
All success and luck for Disha humble and grounded

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