Ranjeet Jha Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Ranjeet Jha Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More


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A beautiful and attractive body and the right attitude is a promising prospect for becoming a cherished model. Add, to a model, the rare gift of good acting and you get a quality actor. Distinct and separate from the above two, is the art of production. A producer requires deep insight and the right eye to spot and identify opportunities, actors, stories, music, and a plethora of other ingredients and turning them into the most delicious cuisine - an act or movie. Very rare is the combination of modeling,
Acting and producing, and this time, we introduce to you, such a rare amalgam. Yes, Ranjeet JHA is a model, actor, and producer - all packed in one. To be a model requires relentless hard work and efforts to sculpt the body. Being an actor needs endless dedication to fine polish acting skills. Being a producer requires an overall broadening of vision and perspective and really awakening the artistic eye with a vivid imagination and a great vision. So, Ranjeet is definitely a rare talent and unique phenomenon. Naturally, such uncommon existences require attention and people must know more about them. So, let us have a closer look at this multi-talented marvel.

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Our rocking Ranjeet was born on 2 October 1992 in Samastipur in Bihar to a kind mother and a saintly monkly father. Ranjeet had his share of hardships and had not had the privilege of the tender and nurture care of a mother. He has spent his childhood in the lovely city of Patna (his hometown) with his younger brother and
Sister and his monk father. His childhood was further sweetened and brightened by his protective elder brother (Now in the Indian army), affectionate younger brother (Now a producer and BJP youth leader), and nurturing sister Nidhi Jha (Now a superstar in the Bhojpuri film industry). His formative years were enriched with wisdom in Vidyapati Heights School, Mow, where Ranjeet got schooled. His graduation then followed in Abhinav College in Mumbai. He was hardly 18 years when he was all set to leap into the world of art and showbiz and this was the advent of the professional career of this rockstar.

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A regal, royal-aristocratic face with a straight, regal nose, strong set jawbone, and prominent cheekbones are distinct features of his attractive face. This sits atop a highly chiseled 5'7" and 65kg body reading - chest 38", waist 28", arms 17", thighs 18", and hips 36".  The icing on the cake includes a drool-worthy six-pack ab. He is an absolute hunk. He has thick brown hair and handsome brown eyes which adds to his overall charms. 28-year-old Ranjeet does not believe in painting his body and prefers staying tattoo-free.

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Fondly known as Rocky, Ranjeet's career kick-started at the tender age of 18.  Janleva 555 was the grand breakthrough, a dream breakthrough any artist can hope for. There, he had the fortune of being the second lead and it was an awesome time. An even bigger break, possibly which can be called the turning point in his career, was the movie 'It's mens' world'. This was shot in July and is yet to release. He has also been a part of a flurry of T.V. shows which include 'Devo ke Dev Mahadev', Veera, Shapath, Savdhan India, Crime patrol, etc.

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He has also acted in more than 25 web series in Flizmovies, Hotshot, Pulseprime, Chikku flex, Ullu app, Kooku app. He has also worked in several tv ads and print shoot. Thus, replete with an abundance of quality work, his career is right on track. He lives half the year in India and the rest half year in New York, US.  Apart from a steady inflow of quality work, Rocky (Ranjeet) has a good income being a TABATA trainer. His future projects include movies like MOVIE, Month of July, Deendayal Upadhyaya Biopic. Also, some of the future web series where he is to work include Pastry, Garam Masala, Sarla Bhabhi, Lady Jasoos, Parosan, etc.

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Our rockstar Rocky is a Libra and is surprisingly still single! This must be a dream come true to millions of hot women. Among actors, the perfection and dedication of Amir Khan and Tom Cruise make them his favorite. Angelina Jolie and Priyanka Chopra influence him the most as actresses. When it comes to food, he is still forever Indian and especially Bihari. He loves Desi food and among that, he loves Litti Chokha the most. Black and red are the most vibrant colors in his eyes. Room, Perfume, Eyes wide shut, Raja Hindustani are some movies that have deeply affected Ranjeet as an artist. Vampire Diaries is one of the web series which he enjoys a lot. He likes traveling, nature, and being a NewYorker, it is only natural that Newyork holds a special place in his heart. His hobbies include obviously fitness training,
traveling, and cooking. Ranjeet is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He loves spending time in an orphanage, relishes working on a farm, and feels absolute delight walking in the rain. His good habits include helping needy people and being ready to even sacrifice his life for true souls. His nasty habit is an extreme hatred for cheaters and two-faced liars.

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He takes care of his health and body, much like a priest maintaining a temple. He does not smoke and consumes only wine and that too very very occasionally. For leading a happy life his formula is simple - being nice to everyone. His childhood was replete in mischief. He used to tease his brother, steal and stealthily wear his new clothes and have fights over that.  His biggest dream is to get settled in the US and own and run his own gymnasium. According to Rocky, the greatest quality an actor should possess is a golden heart and the ability to listen deeply. For him, acting is nothing but observing and expressing the reality of life! Such powerful perceptions. This is what inspired him to be an actor.

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A body solid as rock, with a heart soft as snow
Most expressive of actors, one would ever know
To those two arts, add the eyes of critic
And you get a cool producer prolific
Perfect chocolate guy and yet deep and wise
Producing aesthetic movies, through artistic eyes
He is talent over-loaded - three in one
Born to rule the sky, Rocky shines like the sun
He brings serious content in movies and fuses it with fun
Born to rule the sky, Rocky shines like the sun

So, what more can we say? With his amazing skill sets and sorted priorities, we just hope that he excels in everything he touches - fitness training, modeling, acting and producing movies.

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