Discouraging attack - polite and smart rebuttal : Pyarinari to famous Aaj Tak Reporter

Discouraging attack - polite and smart rebuttal : Pyarinari to famous Aaj Tak Reporter

See Video Full Video By Shubhankar Mishra: Video Link

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Read Full Blog On Khyati Sharma(Pyaarinari): Khyati Sharma

She also commented in this video in which she did not get any reply from his side:

Hypocrisy of this society: When a guy cracks a derogatory joke, everyone applauds for him.

Whereas, just the moment a girl tries to crack a joke. She gets slut-shamed I felt bad when it

comes from people like you

@theshubhankarmishra you are holding #1.8million audience you represent @aajtak & you have nothing with your audience & impact you said Followers ke liye? Seriously! I can see your social media presence & image it simply justify your statement on me. & Why should I shame for? Please explain i believe @aajtak team might be feeling shame on this things you do for publicity. I thought you will realise that because of your video i have been getting rape threats you would have take down your video. But you showed up as if you don't care about your impact the only thing matters to you is your position numbers & views keep it up the movement your audience will realise your mentality things can turns out against you. Boats k followers aur neeli baati sae aap experience nahe kharid sakte

Humour is a vast and endless topic whose surface artists are barely able to scratch in their lifetimes. When influencer Khyati, being a fearless explorer decides to chip into a trendy joke genre, the hypocritical gender bias and unchecked hatred raises its ugly head and a prominent influential person, undermining his greatness, actively attacks and demeans Khyati just to sabotage her image while thumping his moral superiority, here's what witty Khyati has to say in return.

After that Khyati Sharma aka Pyaarinari uploaded a video: Video Link

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In her caption she wrote: 

Hello people,
There's a thing that have been bothering me since last night and I couldn't resist sharing with you all.
So recently, this guy named #ShubhankarMishra did tag my account and remixed one of video & mentioned that I should be ashamed of what I'm doing on social media. 

Just to deep dive into this topic, let me put some light on the trends that have been emerging in the entertainment industry with the last couple of years. People from the industry make indecent jokes and audience go nuts on the same because they're MEN. But when a woman tries to crack the slightest humour, they're either judged or slut-shamed. This hypocrisy has no end and we already have started living with this.

Talking about my latest video that went viral on almost all the meme pages, the reviews were mixed from the audience and I'm open to constructive criticism. I have given a lot of years to the industry and I'm still evolving through the process. 

This man who tagged me could have texted me and asked me to revamp my content choice or something similar. I would have really appreciated that but he wanted to fetch views out of the viral content and didn't bother to rethink before depreciating my image amongst his followers.

Sir, you have a dignified profile and I would have respected your opinion over message, comment or call. You've made sure that your audience come to my profile and abuse me for the content I made :)

Was I the one milking followers or it's you who wanted good views ? 
Please don't do something like this to other individuals because you never know what they'll have to go through because of such actions.

Also, the audience coming from that side needs to understand that we're content creators and it's quite natural for us to talk about any topic we feel is relatable.

Only love to everyone

Khyati is blessed with a loyal and supportive fan following. Several verified users have taken a firm stand in support of correctness and goodness of Khyati.

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