Khyati Sharma Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Khyati Sharma Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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Ever seen the beauty of a Peacock, Dancing in the rain and Opening the features showing the world how beautiful is it. If your answer is No then no problem Cause today INFOSAURS has found out a beautiful peacock with features open achieving her passion and this peacock has chosen her passion for future she makes everyone laugh, everyone to fall in love, everyone to inspire. And that is none other than Khyati Sharma is also known as PyaariNari. And her beauty, Passion made her be An Actor |a fashion model | a YouTuber. 



Khyati Sharma was born on 25-08-1999  to the father Gopal Rai Sharma and his affectionate mother Ranjana rai Sharma in the majestic city of Mumbai. Khyati was blessed with a great education in St.Xaviers High School. And she graduated from VM Mumbai College

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Khyati Sharma with her Brother


21-year-old Khyati Sharma is beautiful with dense strong black hair and a clear face. This attractive woman has a pretty and Blackeye who can speak many things and express her feelings. A well-defined jaw, perfectly placed nose, and a small and pretty mouth with appealing lips add many great dimensions to her beauty. Khyati Has a good height of 5' 2" and weighing a good body of 38kg. She is Virgo which means all the Vigros you have a twin. Everyone calls her Pyaari cause she is sweet as Honey. 

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She comes from a middle-class North Indian Family. Learning a lot from surrounding since childhood and still exploring to enhance. She started her journey when she was in grade 8 with the passion to entertain audiences of all age groups with some funny content that makes their day better. She was all set mentally to go ahead and apply her thoughts to action but unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge and circumstances she couldn't proceed but she started exploring more and watching content related to her genre. When she got in contact with Nirbhaya from Funk you Is then she started watching their videos and that truly inspired and impressed her to do something on her own. Later when she got out of her 10th grade she came up with her team named Banana people's comedy and started working on Her thoughts. Why working on her dreams she never thought, She worked with a couple of videos with Funk you. In her whole journey, she has been working with many other YouTube channels with different genres to explore and experience more. She always tried to work in a team but and her whole journey with the experience she realized that she can do it, Solo, as an individual artist and here Pyari Nari came into the picture.

khyati sharma wiki


Khyati Sharma has been doing YouTube for the last 6 years, And commercial ads and she is looking for Serials and Movies. Where she has been earning from Brand Endorsement and Catalogue shoot. Everyone has their favorites and wanna know her favorites, Her favorite actor is Karan Kundra, Ranveer Singh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Hritik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan. Her favorite actress is Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra, Bhumi Pendeker. Her favorite food is Veg Dal Khichdi with Papad. Her favorite colors are black, white, Baby pink. Her favorite Movie is Fashion, Heroine, Phir Hera Pheri mostly even those depends on the mood. She likes to watch thriller genre web series, a K-pop drama fictional stories. This means all the K-pop Lovers she says "Saranghae" with finger hearts. She loves Punjabi music, rap songs and she loves listening to B-Praak. She follows hip-hop culture. Her favorite Place is where is stays in Mumbai. Her Hobbies include Acting, Making videos, Singing, Dancing, Talking to Minded People. Everyone loves chocolate but she hates chocolates and she is far from it and that is the unknown fact about her. She gets ideas for her contents through observing the surrounding near her and someone she gets by watching some web series.

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She decided to get into this place in her 8th grade but started with the journey after exploring when she was out of her schooling and started creating content with her team when she got out of grade 10. A suggestion to all new YouTubers she mentioned:

“Youtube is stable carrer to begin with, anything you need a good content which makes you different in the market with a handsome amount of money to be invested for better quality videos” she has given

She got these inspiring ideas from THE TYPICAL NORTH INDIAN FAMILY SHE BELONGS. The ones who Inspired her from the youtube creators were Harsh Beniwal for his teamwork and relatable content Bhuvan Bam as an outstanding individual creator and MultiTasker Ajey (Carryminati) for his boldness and young age inspiration Her target is making 1millon audience. Whereas She doesn’t smoke. Her only formula for a happy life is Never Leave your passion. “Putting two fingers in her mouth and her mother use to put Mirchi in her fingers so that she won't do Anything again how cute to have one naughty memory of hers.

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She is as beautiful as a peacock

She is as beautiful as a rose

She is as beautiful as her own

What she decided from childhood has made her know her own life.

She makes everyone laugh, she gives fashion sense to world, and to have her is lucky to everyone.

Her biggest dream is to perform on the Youtube stage and at least do one movie. Cinemas attracted her to the field she is working now.

So if you are reading this Just subscribe to her channel and follow up the beautiful Peacock.

And do follow up her Instagram id.

Make the beautiful one to get her 1 dream done which is youtube stage and working in movies

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