Abhash Jha Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Abhash Jha Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


abhash jha

Singing is one of the most beautiful expressions of artistic life. If singing is the soul, lovely lyrics and poetry is the embodiment, decoration which gives it a form! Both of these are timeless talents. Very rarely we see a confluence of these in the same person and today, INFOSAURS is bringing for you, a perfect example of such a communion. Meet Abhash Jha a soulful singer and a poet and podcaster with profoundness.


Abhash was born on 1 July 1998 to Mr. Subhash Jha and Mrs. Vibha Jha in the notable city Noida. His comfortable and eventful childhood was shared with his two sisters Pratibha and Abhilasha and brother Prabhash. So, it was a really memorable phase. Abhash had his schooling from the revered Sarla Chopra DAV public school, Noida. Then, he further graduated from Galgotias University.  Now, he was a young and confident man aged 24. Poetry and music was something he was born with and hence deeply ingrained. However, how this poetic and melodious journey enfolded will be covered in the lines to follow.

abhash jha childhood pic

Abhash Jha childhood pic

abhash jha family pic

Abhash Jha Family


Abhash has a pleasant personality. Standing 5'7" tall and weighing a well-distributed 72 kg, he is a picture of health. He has a sweet face with expressive black eyes and well-groomed dark black hair. Thus, his good looks further the charms already set by his poetry and singing. Abhash is a cancerian.

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Abhash's relatively recent career's origins go as back as his childhood. Since a very young age, he was fond of and had a knack of singing and writing. It was now that he started watching other artists upload their videos in YouTube and he felt like doing that himself. Quite a few cover songs and videos were posted on his YouTube channel. At a tender age, when he was in standard IX, he was already singing and putting covers on YouTube. Unfortunately, it was not very successful. Around the same time his interest in poetry was growing and he was composing a lot. However, with the start of X standard, Abhash had to bring back all his focus and attention on studies. When he was in standard XI, he again started writing songs, however, lack of confidence restricted him from sharing his work with anyone. When he was in college, in his first semester, a fellow music-lover friend listened to Abhash's original composition and was amazed. He suggested Abhash to start his YouTube channel. Song covers started getting posted frequently. At this time, he rediscovered his old diary where he used to pen funny rhymes. So, he opened another YouTube account where he started reciting his poetry. Initially, they were mostly roasts and were laden with slangs. Due to lack of resources like stand, camera and editing skills, he deleted his YouTube page with song covers. While his 'Rhyme Attacks' -channel too wasn't doing very good. Videos barely attracted 30-40 views which was so demotivating that Abash would have definitely quite had it not been for Sandeep Maheshwari sir's inspirational video which Abhash chanced to watch.

abhash jha wiki

The message was simple - Just try once more, do what you are best at. He realized that rhymes is not what is he cut for. He again went back to proper poetry. He dug out an even older diary where he used to zot poems. He recited a poem and uploaded a lyrical video on YouTube. He continued posting poetry and in a year, his channel started growing. Meanwhile, he also started performing in open mics and got popular. These videos went viral. He started earning from YouTube at an age of just 19. He also started his own podcast which was loved by Spotify which brings us to his recent achievement. He has been signed in by Spotify for an exclusive podcast called 'Stories with Abhash Jha. However, his hustle and tussle are far from over. He still wants to make it big as a singer because it is his first love without which he can't imagine his life. He holds an Instagram handle 'abhash19' which enjoys a massive following of 306k+. His YouTube channel Rhyme Attacks, too is highly successful with 800000 subscribers. His Facebook page reads 'www.facebook.com/rhymeattacks.in'.

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Inspirational Abhash himself draws his inspiration from several sources. He loves watching good movies. Rockstar (2011) amazes him the most. His favourite actors are Ester Exposito, Ranbir Kapoor and SRK (Shahrukh Khan). He also enjoys spending time with webseries. His most enjoyed series are HIMYM (How I Met Your Mothr) and Game of Thrones. And when we talk about colours, Abhash loves 'Black' the most. For traveling, he would definitely prefer LA, but for residence? he cannot think of any other place but his hometown Noida. An interesting fact about him - he has frequent mood swings alternating between excitement and nervousness. Also, whether his mood is happy or sad, his poetry is always about sadness. His formula for a happy life is simple - Money can actually buy happiness.
He is a hard-working, patient, focused, and consistent worker. His negatives? He sometimes stalk accounts of strangers. He gets jealous of fellow artists, sometimes. Also, he at times, gets angry but hides it. This true philosopher of a poet finds no use of either alcohol or smoke in his life. There are two particularly funny naughty memories from his childhood. Firstly, he used to try WWE moves on his brother and have fun. Secondly, after quickly finishing off his own packet of snacks, he would appeal to his brother's emotions and make him share his snacks as well. Finally, Abhash holds a dear dream in his heart - Performing to a giant audience of over 10,000 and having the audience sing back with him.

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When poetry and singing harmoniously meet
INFOSAURS brings Abhash - a poetic singer upbeat
Roasting in rhymes
Singing charming chimes
Reciting poetry sad
Turning audience gaga-n-mad!
Extremely talented, Abhash throbs hearts
Winning countless people, thanks to his art
Of his inspiration may all - enjoy non-stop dosing
May he keep singing and continue composing

abhash jha poem

abhash jha age​​​​​​​

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