dispatch asserts Fans wonder if Park Min-CEO youngs lover is a phoney on Lovestagram because of Park Seo-joon.

dispatch asserts Fans wonder if Park Min-CEO youngs lover is a phoney on Lovestagram because of Park Seo-joon.

South Korea's Seoul The Korean news outlet Dispatch, which is renowned for its thorough celebrity exposés, makes another splash with some very extensive disclosures concerning actress Park Min-young. As of September 28, there have been a number of revelations about Park Min-private young's life, despite the actress now appearing in the tvN K-drama "Love In Contract." According to Dispatch, she is dating Kang Jong-hyeon, a successful businessman (Kang Jong-hyun). Park Min-young (36), who left her previous acting agency, Namoo Actors, to sign an exclusive deal with HOOK Entertainment, an agency run by her suspected boyfriend CEO Kang (40), is reportedly dating, according to Dispatch.
The Dispatch article did not, however, end there. The narrative claims that the news organisation was able to document Park Min-young and Kang Jong-monthly hyeon's meetings in secret and that the wealthy man gave Min-young a number of pricey gifts. However, her acting agency has yet to officially refute the dating rumours. In addition to being wealthy, CEO Kang was also implicated in numerous fraudulent crimes, including the secretly held shares of significant corporations and shady transactions, according to Dispatch.
CEO Kang: Who is he?
The CEO of the company, Kang Jong-hyeon, is said to be the Chairman of numerous organisations, including Vidente, Inbiogen, Bucket Studio, and Bithumb Live. In addition, He is referred to as the hidden chairman of Bithumb, one of the biggest Korean digital trading platforms, and he owns more than 34% of Bithumb Holdings. The story also details his fraudulent operations, and Dispatch refers to him as a "hermit wealthy man" because his identity is absent from all company-related documentation.
While Park Min-supporters young's are devastated by the news for other reasons, the entire Dispatch report was focused on the CEO's fraudulent activities and the complex nature of his company venture. Park Min-management young's company, HOOK Entertainment, confirmed that she was dating the businessman when questioned about it. At the time, Park Min-young was filming her current K-drama, "Love In Contract." As a result, they were unable to contact her at the time and vowed to update her followers as soon as they could.
However, Min-admirers young's are upset by the information because they had genuinely anticipated that she was involved in a covert romance with actor Park Seo-joon. The two actors rose to fame in 2016 when they co-starred in the K-drama "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim," becoming one of the most adored actor pairs in the country. Because of their eerily identical Instagram postings throughout the years, Park Min-young and Park Seo-joon were collectively referred to as the "Park Park pair" in the media, and fans could only hope that the stars would begin dating in real life. One supporter remarked, "Park Min Young is dating someone else, but it's not Park Seo Joon? OMG MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE, but if it's true, Min Young should be happy."
Added another admirer, "Even though I hope he's a wonderful guy, I'm fine if he doesn't have PSJ's abs and beautiful looks. Sana pakunswelo na un. Park Min Young merits a good person." "Lovestagram wif [with] psj simply lie liar lie," a further supporter remarked. "Minyoung's dating and it's not with park seojoon," a fan enquired. "MINYOUNG-SEOJOON SHIPPERS ARE DEAD," a another supporter joked. Another admirer predicted that her mother would grieve if she learned that Minyoung and Seojoon were not dating. Seojoon-minyoung shippers are logging out as we speak, one fan said. a supporter remarked, "Please move on from the stories of Minyoung and Seojoon now. laugh It wasn't even there at first."

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