Zhou Xun Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Zhou Xun Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Zhou Xun (born October 18, 1974) is a Chinese actress and singer. She is regarded as one of China's Four Dan Actresses. She rose to international prominence with her roles in Suzhou River (2000) and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2004). (2002). She became the first Chinese actor to win the "Grand Slam" in 2009, when she won the Golden Horse Awards, the Hong Kong Film Awards, and the Golden Rooster Awards.

Zhou has received Best Actress awards from Asian Film Awards, Asian Television Awards, Beijing College Student Film Festival, China Film Director's Guild Awards, China TV Golden Eagle Award, Chinese Film Media Awards, Golden Bauhinia Awards, Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Golden Rooster Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, Hundred Flowers Awards, Huading Awards, Shanghai Television Festival, and Shanghai Film Critics Awards, as well as Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, Hundred Flowers Awards,

Zhou was born in Quzhou, Zhejiang, to a middle-class family. Her father, Zhou Tianning (), was a local film projectionist, and her mother, Chen Yiqin (), worked as a department store salesperson. She attended Quzhou No.1 Middle School for her education. Zhou enrolled at the Zhejiang Arts Institute after graduation to pursue her interest in dramatic arts, against the wishes of her parents, who wanted her to graduate from a university. During her high school years, she was handpicked for a role in the film Strange Tales Among Old and Desolate Tombs.

Acting career from 1995 to 2004: Starting points and breakthroughs

Zhou made her film debut in the comedy The Pampered Wife (1995). She then appeared in two Chen Kaige films, Temptress Moon (1996) and The Emperor and the Assassin (1997). (1999). But it wasn't until 2000 that Zhou was recognized in China. Zhou won the Audience Choice for Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards at the 18th China TV Golden Eagle Awards for her role as young Princess Taiping in the historical drama Palace of Desire.

Zhou made her big screen debut in Lou Ye's Suzhou River (2000), where she won Best Actress at the 15th Festival du Film de Paris. She was named one of the Four Dan Actresses that year, alongside Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, and Xu Jinglei. She rose to international prominence after appearing in the Franco-Chinese romance drama film Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002).

Following that, a string of successful projects ensued. Zhou's performance in Fruit Chan's first Hong Kong film, Hollywood Hong Kong, impressed critics. According to Variety, Zhou is "superb," "moving with ease between her various personalities and always convincing in each." April Rhapsody (2000), Love Story in Shanghai (2001), and The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003) are among Zhou's earlier notable works;

2005-2011: Critical acclaim

She went on to star in Feng Xiaogang's wuxia film The Banquet (2006), which was based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Zhou is the crown prince's girlfriend, the equivalent of Ophelia. Susie Au's film Ming Ming, which premiered at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival in 2007, starred her. Zhou portrayed twins with completely different characteristics and personalities.

She then played a taxi driver looking for her missing boyfriend in Cao Baoping's romantic thriller The Equation of Love and Death (2008). Critics praised Zhou once more, crediting the film's success to her performance as Li Mi. Zhou later won Best Actress awards at the Asian Film Awards, the Shanghai Film Critics Awards, the Golden Rooster Film Festival, and the Chinese Film Media Awards. The same year, she starred in Gordon Chan's horror-adventure film Painted Skin, a remake of the same-named classic supernatural thriller. The spy thriller The Message (2009) followed, about Japanese invaders in China attempting to find a spy among their Chinese collaborators.

Zhou was named Star of the Year at the CineAsia exhibition and distribution convention in Hong Kong in 2009. She was also named Asian Star of the Year by the Asia-Pacific Producers Network (APN) for her outstanding box office achievements. Zhou was named one of Asia's 25 greatest actors of all time in an interview with CNN.
Tsui Hark directed her in the wuxia film Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011).

2012–present: Directorial and Hollywood debuts, as well as a return to television

Zhou made her directorial debut in 2011 with the short film Five Demon Traps, starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai as a demon killer.

Zhou made her Hollywood debut in the science fiction film Cloud Atlas in 2012, playing multiple roles. The film surpassed the 700 million yuan ($109.8 million) mark, making it the highest-grossing Chinese-language film of all time at the time.

After ten years, Zhou returned to television in Red Sorghum, based on Nobel laureate Mo Yan's 1986/1987 novel of the same name. The author praised Zhou's performance in the series for her flawless grasp of the character's inner turmoil. Zhou won the Asian Television Award for Best Actress.

In 2018, she was nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards for her performance in the romance film Last Letter, directed by Shunji Iwai.

Zhou appeared in the crime thriller film Remain Silent in 2019.

Zhou appeared in the fantasy film The Yinyang Master in 2021.

Zhou will appear in the wuxia film The Weary Poet as well as the family drama film The Eleventh Chapter.

Social gatherings

On Earth Day 2010, Zhou was named one of the 'Champions of the Earth' for her work with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), becoming the world's first entertainer to receive this honor.

In 2008, Zhou Xun was named China's first United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Goodwill Ambassador, with a special emphasis on promoting environmental sustainability. Zhou is a co-founder of the 'Our Part' campaign, which promotes "green living tips."

On April 22, 2010, she was named the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Champions of the Earth Laureate (Inspiration & Action). She was the world's first entertainer to receive this honor.


Zhou was appointed as Miu Miu's global spokesperson in 2006. She was chosen as a Lancel brand ambassador for the Greater China region in 2008. Zhou has been a Chanel ambassador since 2011. Zhou Xun's strong fashion sense was noted by Chanel chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, who described the actress as "a synthesis of young Coco Chanel and Ballet Troupe Zizi Jeanmaire."

Vogue China and Vogue Taiwan, Chinese and Hong Kong Harper's Bazaar, Chinese and Hong Kong Elle, Chinese and Taiwanese Marie Claire, Chinese and Hong Kong Cosmopolitan, Chinese L'Officiel, Chinese Madame Figaro, Chinese Numéro, Chinese T, Chinese GQ, Chinese Esquire, Chinese Elle Men, Chinese Harper's Bazaar Men.

Private life


Zhou Xun married American actor Archie Kao on stage after a charity event in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China on July 16, 2014. Zhou announced their divorce on her Sina Weibo account on December 23, 2020.

Zhou was granted Hong Kong citizenship in 2009 through the "Quality Migrant Admission Scheme."

Anecdote Zhou was terrified of water as a child after nearly drowning. However, most of the dramas in which she has appeared have underwater scenes. For example, she was required to soak in water for half a month while filming "Painted Skin: The Resurrection."

In an interview with several magazines in 2012, Zhou stated that receiving too much information was a burden for her because she was not good at expressing herself and rarely used the Internet, so she did not apply for accounts on popular social networking sites such as Weibo.



YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
1991Old Grave古墓荒斋Jiao Na
1993Story of Rouge Chamber胭楼记Zheng Yue'e
1995The Pampered Wife小娇妻Yangyang
Maiden Rosé女儿红Hua Dao
1996Temptress Moon风月Little dance girl
1998My Rice Noodle Shop花桥荣记Xie Yan
1999The Emperor and the Assassin荊軻刺秦王Blind girl
2000Suzhou River苏州河Mei Mei / Mou Dan
If I Lose You如果没有爱Xun
2001Beijing Bicycle十七岁的单车Hong Qin
Hollywood Hong Kong香港有个好莱坞Hung Hung/Tong Tong
2002A Pinwheel Without Wind烟雨红颜Zhao Ningjing
Where Have All the Flowers Gone那时花开Huan Zi
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress巴尔扎克和小裁缝Little seamstress
2004Baobei in Love恋爱中的宝贝Bao Bei
2005A West Lake Moment鸳鸯蝴蝶Xiao Yu
Beauty Remains美人依旧Xiao Fei
Stolen Life生死劫Yan Ni
Perhaps Love如果·爱Sun Na
2006The Banquet夜宴Qingnü
2007Ming Ming明明Mingming / Nana
2008The Equation of Love and Death李米的猜想Li Mi
Painted Skin画皮Xiao Wei
All About Women女人不坏Ou Fanfan
2009The Message风声Gu Xiaomeng
True Legend苏乞儿Yuan Ying
2011The Founding of a Party建党伟业Wang Huiwu
The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate龙门飞甲Jade
2012The Great Magician大魔术师Liu Yin
Painted Skin: The Resurrection画皮IIXiao Wei
The Silent War听风者Zhang Xuening
Cloud Atlas云图Talbot / Yoona-939 / Rose
2014Overheard 3窃听风云3Ruan Yuehua
Women Who Flirt撒娇女人最好命Zhang Hui
Meet Miss Anxiety我的早更女友Qi Jia
2017Our Time Will Come明月几时有Fang Gu
2018Last Letter你好,之华Yuan Zhihua
2019Remain Silent保持沉默Duan Mulan
2021The Yinyang Master侍神令Bai Ni
The Eleventh Chapter第十一回Jin Cailing
2022Hero世间有她Shen Yue
2023Hidden Blade无名Ms. Chen
TBAThe Weary Poet诗眼倦天涯Wen Sanchun
Across the Furious Sea涉过愤怒的海Jing Lan
Moonlight Blade天涯明月刀

Television series

YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
1997Red Recipe红处方Shen Pei
1998The Police Scene警坛风云Lin Peipei
1999Maid in Green绿衣红娘Fan Xiaoxuan
2000The True Color of Money金钱本色Mandy
Just Happy开心就好Tan Gege
Palace of Desire大明宫词young Princess Taiping
April Rhapsody人间四月天Lin Huiyin
The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom太平天国Shi Yiyang
Heart Network心网Na Niu
Life Unexpected缘来一家人Tao Tao
2001Love Story in Shanghai像雾像雨又像风Du Xinyu
2002Ripening Orange橘子红了Xiu He
2003The Legend of the Condor Heroes射雕英雄传Huang Rong
Business Family买办之家Su Boyuan/Xia He
2014Red Sorghum红高粱Jiu'er/Cang Jiulian
2018Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace如懿传Ula Nara Ruyi
2020Imperfect Love不完美的她Lin Xuzhi
2021Medal of the Republic功勋之屠呦呦Tu Youyou
A Little Mood for Love小敏家Liu Xiaomin
2023Imperfect Victim不完美受害人Lin Han

Short films

YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
2010Devil Nail Clippers指甲刀人魔Li Kaiyi
20122032: The Future We Want2032 我们期望的未Herself
I Know U星知我心D24
2014One Day:The Rising Sun太阳会飞Zhou
2016Roman HolidayVogue Film之《罗马假期》
2019Once Upon A NightVogue Film之《再见宝贝》Herself
2020Daughter女儿Taxi Driver
2020Le Vrai Où花的游吟Club Singer
2022All Tomorrow's Parties我的朋友Xiao Zhou

Voiced films

2015The Little Prince

As producer

YearEnglish titleChinese titleDirector
2015Les Aventures d'Anthony陪安东尼度过漫长岁月Janet Chun

As director

YearEnglish titleChinese titleLead actor
2012Five Demon Traps五行伏妖Tony Leung Chiu-waiWu Gang



YearEnglish titleChinese title


YearEnglish titleChinese titleAlbumNotes
1999"Wander Aimlessly"飘摇Hainan Hainan
2000"Heart like a Tragic Melody"心如悲歌Heaven and Earth Musical OST
2001"No Choice"无奈Ripening Orange OST
"Spring Comes Back and Forth"春去春又回
2002"A Head of Lychee, Three Grabs of Fire"一棵荔枝三把火Hollywood Hong Kong OST
2013"Sunrise and Sunset"日出日末Beach OST
"Looking at the Sea"看海
2004"In My eye"Baobei in Love OST
"Empty like the Sky"虚拟天空
"Busy Line"占线
"The Body Hasn't Move, The Heart Already Wandered"身未动,心已远Theme song of Travel Channel
"Outside"外面Perhaps Love OST
"Forget Who I Am"忘了我是谁with Takeshi Kaneshiro
"Bubble"泡泡Promotional song for Olay
2006"Song of the Yue"越人歌The Banquet OST
"Electric Shadows"电影往事Electric Shadows OST
"Look"看看Ming Ming OSTwith Anthony Wong
"Song of the Vagrant"[79]流浪者之歌
2007"Companion"伴侣Promotional song for Motorola Moto
2008"Outside the Window"窗外The Equation of Love and Death OST
"Love Earnestly"用力爱All About Women OST
2009"Love and Hate Extensively"爱恨恢恢Zhu Xian 2 OST
2011"Only One in the World"这世界唯一的你
2012"Guess the Lover"猜情人The Great Magician OSTwith Tony Leung Chiu-wai
2014"For the Child"给小孩One Day OST
"A Switch to Happiness"[80]幸福的开关
2018"Appearance"样子Last Letter OST
2019"What a Woderful World"多美好的世界啊
featuring Laura Fygi
"Spring Time"春光
"A Lifelong Wait"一生守候Remain Silent OST
2020"Gaze Beyond"遥望Run For Young OSTwith Chen Kun
"You're Good"你真好Days and Nights in Wuhan OST

Awards and nominations

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Zhou Xun

Forbes China Celebrity 100


Zhou Xun – Biography, Facts & Life Story

Body Measurements32-23-34 inches
Height5 feet 3½ inches (1.61 m)
Weight48 kg (105 lbs)
Waist23 inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Shoe Size6.5 (US)
Dress Size4 (US)
Age48 years old (in 2023)
Date of BirthOctober 18, 1974
Full NameZhou Xun
ProfessionActress, Singer
BirthplaceQuzhou, China
Zodiac SignLibra

Zhou Xun Education

Qualification: Zhejiang Art School (Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art)

Zhou Xun Career

Profession: Actress, Singer

Known For: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

Net Worth: $20 Million Approx

Family & Relatives

Father: Chen Yiqin

Mother: Zhou Tianyu

Marital Status: Single

Past Relationships:

Archie Kao (m. 2014–2020)

Zhou Xun Favorites

Hobbies: Photoshoot, Painting

Favorite Destination: Switzerland

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Red, Purple

Favorite Pets: Cat

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