Zayed Khan calls Hrithik Roshan his-mentor- dedicates 42nd birthday to wife Malaika

Zayed Khan calls Hrithik Roshan his-mentor- dedicates 42nd birthday to wife Malaika

Actor Zayed Khan celebrates his 42nd birthday today. Dedicating his birthday to his wife, Zayed wrote that Malaika stood with him through the good and the bad times of his life. He said that he is thankful to her for “loving that person inside me that I had lost touch with, for patiently handling my tantrums, for never giving up on me though I gave up on myself, and for showing me the true power of good women”.

He urged his fans to find that one women around them who made a difference in their lives.” I urge all you people to take a look left and right and go give a hug to that women in your life be it your mother, sister, wife, daughter, grandmother...and who have made a difference in your life for the better, just go and give them a tight hug. And in that hug express your gratitude and receive the power of their blessings. This power is invisible but just the fuel you need to conquer any adversity!”, he wrote on Instagram.

In a separate post-workout Instagram post, he referred to his ex-brother-in-law, Hrithik Roshan as his “mentor” and thanked him for pushing him to his absolute limits.

Zayed wrote, “Good morning People. The Sun will shine again. So don’t give in, don’t sell out, the perceiver. For pain will only cleanse. Sometimes it’s unbearable I know, I feel that too. And sometimes it’s just not worth going through. But remember god tests those more, who can handle Pain, and come out on the other side Stronger, Bravo more resilient”.

He further added, “Truth is that we will never have the answers and the irony is we never really had to. It’s time we forgive each other and ourselves. It’s time we become Warriors not Parasites!! I know this couple of years have been tough on all of us but our country need us more than ever. We must pick over selves up, dust ourselves off, and move forward together. Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and believe that GOOD EXISTS! Big shout out to brother I take great pride in saying is my mentor @hritikroahan Thank you!! JUST KEEP MOVING  FORWARD! #INDIA #HEALTHISWEALTH #warriors #hope #love”.


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