Youngest news anchor & Inspiring Instagram model Ayushi Shekhawat - Wiki, Age, and more

Youngest news anchor & Inspiring Instagram model Ayushi Shekhawat - Wiki, Age, and more


ayushi shekhawat

This is the age of information and news is one of the most powerful sources of information. And the responsible disbursement of this sacred information makes the noble profession of journalism. Today, INFOSAURS brings to you a lovely social media influencer, Ayushi Shekhawat who is first and foremost a sharp and diligent journalist.  She is an intelligent orator who has since long been involved in the holy crusade for truth. So, let us move in deeper to get interesting insight in this delightful diva.

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Adorable Ayushi was born on 5 November 1998 to an Indian Navy officer, Shivpal Singh Shekhawat, and a great homemaker Mrs. Geeta Shekhawat in the quiet town of Rewari in Haryana. Her hometown which saw her grow up happily mature was  Mehrauli near Delhi. The playful and eventful childhood was shared with her caring and supportive elder brother Dheeraj Shekhawat who is currently an engineer and also has been a National level Football player. The seeds of quality education were sowed in Ayushi in the Navy Children School (Port Blair). Ayushi was then transferred to Navy Children School in Kochi (Kerala) where she continued her quest for wisdom.

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Ayushi finally graduated from high school (opting Commerce with Mathematics) from Presidency International School, Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. After schooling, Ayushi opted for journalism. She earned her Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Jaipur.  And thus unfolded this long and beautiful journey of transformation of a  little smart girl to a lovely woman of unusual intellectuality.



Intellectual prowess is further intensified if combined with immaculate beauty. This is what lovely Ayushi personified. Having a sweet longish oval face, her prominent features include a slightly upturned cute diamond-shaped nose, generously plush, and proportionately plump lips, captivating light brown eyes, and all-attractive long wavy hair of dark brown color. Such an interesting and charming face finds a further captivating company in a healthy and curvaceous body measuring 34-26-36. She stands at 5'1" and weighs just 47 kg. And in this way, this relentless warrior of truth (journalist) is also an irresistible queen of beauty. This 24-year old model is a Scorpio as per the Zodiac. Apart from that she sports a tattoo on her right wrist.

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As a career field, Journalism and Mass Communication are vast and broad. In her second year of college, Ayushi started earning fairly well by wonderfully managing some events at weekends. This went on for a year. A  photoshoot for her friend's college project sprung up a welcome surprise when the pictures came out very beautiful. The pictures were uploaded on Instagram. After a few weeks, Ayushi was contacted by the Zara brand whose T-shirt she had worn in the shoot. They were really impressed with the pictures and wished to use it for their campaign. She even got paid for it and this was before she actually started blogging. She turned towards Blogger’s profiles at a time when the terr 'influencer' wasn't a buzz. Then she switched to Instagram and began collaborating with photographers and beautifying her profile. Her profile gained a massive following but unfortunately,  it fell to hacking and got deleted twice. It was a depressing phase. Thankfully, she was backed and motivated by her friends and she bounced back. Hope arose out of hopelessness. People started showering their love incessantly. Her Instagram rose to fame yet again. She soon got hired as a trainee reported in ‘First India News’ during the 2019 elections. As she was educated in Kerala, she had language issues and even got bullied as she shifted North.

 After the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, with sheer practice and self-improvement, in October 2020 she got the post of a news anchor and became, at the age of 24, one of the youngest news anchors ever! Even after becoming a respected and impactful news anchor, she continued Instagramming and used it to her advantage as a journalist. The platform was utilized as an opportunity to connect with people for better outreach of truth.  Currently, she enjoys a monumental Instagram following of over 150k+ and earns from it, a pretty decent surplus over what she earns as a journo. In the near future, she has some shoots and works lined up with some famous brands. Also, she is prepping hard to join the National T.V. News channel.

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Strange as it may sound, awesome Ayushi is not much fond of cinema. She has no favorite actors, hence. She likes eating good food and she is most delighted by South Indian cuisines.  This colorful personality is particularly pleased with the color yellow. She does watch web series and is quite fond of 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' Seemingly, she is not much of a travel-lover, or who knows? Her favorite place is Port Blair in Andaman. Her hobby list is simple and exhaustive. This fit lady loves playing any sport and creating Insta-content. Since her school hood, she is a person who stands against injustice, for herself as well as for others. This was what inspired her to take up journalism. Her biggest dream is to simply make her parents proud. For a successful life, the most important things for her are thinking positively and keeping calm. Procrastination is, she feels, the most worthless of her talents. Her greatest habit is sleeping and rising early which helps in leading a healthy and balanced life.

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The journey of truth, she readily chose
And a lovely news-journo, steadily rose
By stroke of fate, she got photoshoot
And thus came pictures, sweet and hot
Thousands of Instagrammers, soon got awe-struck
While continued her truth-mongering, her journo-work
Influencing and Journalism, on two diverse fronts
She influences and her killer aura hunts
To further promote it,
INFOSAURS seeks this fire
In News and in modeling, Ayushi inspires!

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