Young Sheldon fans are divided at the shows title characters absence in episode 6 of season 6.

Young Sheldon fans are divided at the shows title characters absence in episode 6 of season 6.

The sixth season of "Young Sheldon" has begun, and as the main character approaches puberty and adulthood, the show is addressing increasingly mature subjects. Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) muses on the world around him and evaluates his place in it with logic and reasoning, often with narration from his adult counterpart (voiced by none other than "The Big Bang Theory'" actor Jim Parsons). But as the prequel goes on, we get to see many sides of the Coopers, which helps us understand Sheldon's upbringing and his numerous peculiar habits.
Sheldon has a high IQ and is already enrolled in college, so it makes sense that he would start to understand more about adult relationships, especially when his brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) is expecting a child. As he hears about the family's financial difficulties and even tries to get a job, Uncle Sheldon is ready to take on more responsibilities while delightfully developing the idea of bitcoin well before its rising popularity.

These brilliant tidbits are a playful tribute to the show's witty viewers, who are quick to eagerly share them with other fans on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit. This elevates new episode viewings on Thursday nights into a group activity that sparks passionate discussion and analysis on the show's many funny moments. Fans of "Young Sheldon" Season 6 Episode 6 "An Ugly Car, an Affair, and Some Kickass Football" are miffed that Georgie and their father, George Sr., are given more screen time than Sheldon (Lance Barber).
Sheldon is ignored in an unlikely turn of events as the show explores Georgie and Mandy's developing romance (Emily Osment). Mandy starts to have a different perspective on Georgie after watching a throwback scene in which he and his grandmother "Meemaw" (Annie Potts) grow their business into a video store. The remainder of the show focuses on George, who has reclaimed his position as head football coach as a result of his best friend Wayne (Doc Farrow) having catastrophic marital problems.

Usually, it would be a terrible indicator if the main character of a series had a job. In "Young Sheldon," viewers have grown to love the Coopers just as much as they do the opinionated adolescent physicist, making the shared screen time enjoyable rather than problematic. However, other fans have voiced more forceful comments on Twitter.

One user, @j jarocki, attributes this episode's exceptional excellence to this very exact element, writing, "I'm curious as to why this episode was so fantastic. Oh, you're correct, not much Sheldon. Please refrain from talking about Sheldon." Another user, @EarthFae306, concurred, while having mixed feelings about the absence of Sheldon in the episode. "When the show is called "Young Shelton," but there is so much conflict among the other characters that the titular character has been put on hold for the majority of the season. Do they still know how to handle him? "they enquired. This is one of the best #YoungSheldon episodes of the series, tweeted a third user, @HonnyDipp, underscoring the episode's strong reception.

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