Yes, Spotify Wrapped only records your listening behaviour up until October 31.

Yes, Spotify Wrapped only records your listening behaviour up until October 31.

I hope that from the beginning of the year until yesterday, October 31, you only listened to your best songs. Because you would be correct if you imagined that Spotify only gathers your listening information up until Halloween for its end-of-year Wrapped feature.

If you're not familiar with Spotify Wrapped, it's a brilliant viral marketing initiative by the company that enables customers to watch an analysis of their platform usage over the course of a year and urges them to share it on social media. It basically serves as one of a Spotify user's highlights because it can demonstrate how good (or bad) their musical preferences are.
Since 2016, Spotify Wrapped has released its feature once a year. Although Spotify Wrapped is sometimes described as a yearly data collection, rumours on social media claim that the programme only records data from 1 January through 31 October of a given year.

I had to check it out to be sure it wasn't just an internet rumour that was spreading quickly. After a community member pointed out that it didn't make sense to exclude the data from November and December, lo and behold, Spotify confirmed the information. They enquired as to whether Spotify might at the very least include the November-December data in the year-end wrap.
Spotify replied, "We've been monitoring this submission for a while, and it doesn't seem this will achieve the votes necessary to send it forward for prioritisation.
It appears that your Spotify listening history won't factor for the upcoming Spotify Wrapped feature as of November 1st. And it's already too late if you were planning to game the system by listening to hipper music.

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