Yash: KGF Chapter 2 will meet the promised release date

Yash: KGF Chapter 2 will meet the promised release date

Yash turns 35 today (8 January). It is a day of celebration for his fans. However, this year, the KGF star has decided not to celebrate his birthday as the nation is grappling with the third wave of the corona. "If not for the fans, I don't think I have a reason to celebrate my birthday. So, it is just another day in my life. Unfortunately, we are facing difficult times, and that requires us to follow certain rules and regulations. It is all done for the welfare of our health. Let's hope for things to settle down," says Yash, who promises to celebrate his next birthday with his fans.

However, Yash has good news for his fans. The much-awaited Prashanth Neel directorial KGF Chapter 2, backed by Hombale Films, will be released as per plans on April 14, he confirms. "I am confident the third wave will settle down, and I am saying this based on the reports from across the globe. People did ask me why was the film postponed by eight months. I think we expected this situation, and that is why we pushed it to be on the safer side. Let's hope for the best," he says.

With many big releases getting postponed, the actor is aware of the fact that there will be a slew of releases in April leading to heavy competition. "It is difficult times, we all have to cooperate. Nothing is in our control. All we can do is choose the best possible date available. There is a big wave going on, which needs to settle. Had everything been fine, we might have seen a few being released in January. I think it is destiny. Having said that, we are confident with KGF Chapter 2. I am saying this after seeing what we have done. I'm sure people will be excited. All we need now is 100 percent occupancy to bring KGF Chapter 2 to theatres. That's all the team and I are looking forward to," he says.

When asked about his next project and the rumors of it being directed by Narthan of Mufti fame, Yash says, "For the last two years, I have been asked about my next film. If I had spoken about it back then it wouldn't have mattered now. So, let's keep it that way. Also, I don't believe in the act of announcing a new film on birthdays." 

However, he assures that he will be starting a new project this year. "Just because I am not doing new films, it doesn't mean I am idle. I am a workaholic. During this lockdown, I have got myself busy with writing. Whenever I want to take up a new project, I don't want to go by my previous success. Every new film should be a new chapter, and I want it to be a visual spectacle. You have to wake up with excitement. Only then the process becomes interesting. I have a project that will make me go 'wow'. For it, I have to accumulate the right kind of resources and people."

The conversation veers towards the trend of pan-Indian films. Though stars like Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth have made pan-Indian films, they still made more regional films. When asked about his determination to make more pan-Indian films, Yash says, "While the past should be a reference, we also have to think about today's times. Over the years, the film scenario has changed drastically. Globalization has changed the language barrier. Today, audiences are watching films with subtitles. Back then, there was not much exposure to OTT platforms like today. In theatres too, people are exposed to other language films. So, we have to adapt."

When asked what is keeping him entertained currently, he says, "Right now, it is all about the KGF Chapter 2, and I am excited about the way it has shaped up. You reach a phase where you want to work for the audience. The bar is set high, and people have a lot of expectations for the film. We aim to exceed that. The happiness lies when you see outdo the expectations. That's the feeling I have about KGF Chapter 2. We make movies to get appreciation, and people's excitement is something that drives us. I am looking forward to seeing the audience's reaction to KGF Chapter 2."

Source: CinemaExpress

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