Yao Di Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Yao Di Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Yao Di (; pinyin: Yáo D, born March 17, 1982) is a Chinese actress.

Childhood and education

Yao was born on March 17, 1982 in Tongxiang, Jiaxing, Zhejiang. She received her diploma from the Beijing Film Academy. Yao began the entertainment industry at the age of 18.


Yao rose to prominence with her parts in the television series The Dream of Red Mansions. (2010).

Yao appeared in the 2011 romance drama Naked Marriage. The TV drama became a nationwide sensation, and the Chinese media dubbed Yao the "Nation's Girlfriend."

The following year, Yao starred in the youth drama Beijing Youth, about Beijing teenagers rebelling against their parents' conservative and traditional lifestyle. The drama was warmly received by young mainland Chinese audiences.

Yao's profile continued to increase in 2013 after she appeared in two TV dramas, New Dating Era and Love Is Not Blind, both of which were based on a 2011 Chinese film of the same name. Youku called her the Most Popular Actress.

Her affair with actor Wen Zhang, however, was revealed in 2014. Her reputation was severely harmed, and her film career was momentarily halted.

Yao was discovered having an affair with actor Wen Zhang in 2014, while Wen's legal wife Ma Yili had just given birth to their second daughter. According to legends, their secret romance began when Ma was pregnant. When he was caught by the media, Wen apologized to his family, whereas Yao was widely blamed by the public on social media. Yao chose to remain mute following the disputed occurrence and attempted to avoid public scrutiny.



YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
2004A Zhen and Her Hostess阿珍和她的女主人A Zhen
2008June Sunlight六月里好阳光Gu Fei
Starting Over从头再来Huang Ruolan
2009City of Life and Death南京!南京!Zhou Xiaomei
Looking for Jackie寻找成龙Wang Xifeng
2010The Love of Three Smile: Scholar and the Beauty三笑之才子佳人Qiuxiang
Midnight Beating午夜心跳Wu Xinyao
2011Where Are You From你是哪里人Qianqian
Love Is Not Blind失恋三十三天
2012If I Were You变身男女Xiao Ai
I Love You to Love Me爱在一起
2015Cairo Declaration开罗宣言Huang Yiqing

Television series

YearEnglish titleChinese titleRole
红粉须眉Jin Ye
2002Music Up歌让我狂Cong Rong
2003Master Lu Ban鲁班大师Cong'er
天月Jin Jin
The Last Concubine末代皇妃Shui Cong

律政佳人Rebellious girl

厨子当官Wu Yaoshi
2005Olive Tree in My Life我生命中的橄榄树Xiao Rui

青花Bo Xiaotao
Venus of Love维纳斯之恋Gao Ziman

刺杀1号首长Zhu Qiuping
Purple Jade and Gold Sand紫玉金砂Xu Yuelian
爱本无罪Wu Yiren

男人有情女人有义Qiao Man
Get Married Or Not结婚不结婚Tingting
Double Sided Adhesive Tape双面胶2Yang Yang
2007Golden Earring金耳环Qiao Xiao'ou

俞净意公遇灶神记Yu Min
Initiating Prosperity开创盛世Yuwen Meiniang
Ming Dynasty天下Xiaohong
2010Sinful Debt 2孽债2Shen Meixia
The Dream of Red Mansions红楼梦Wang Xifeng
2011The Hawk That Goes Away远去的飞鹰Ye Rongran
Naked Wedding裸婚时代Tong Jiaqian
Guarding Country General护国大将军Xiao Fengxian
2012Glory Land光荣大地Shui Yingying
Psychological Attack攻心Ouyang Mei
Sunflower Blooming Sound葵花怒放的声响Yuan Xiaomi
Chinese Sherlock Shi施公案Wu Wanxin
Beijing Youth北京青年Tang Jiao
2013New Age of Love新恋爱时代Deng Xiaoke
Warring States Little Soldier战国小兵Lou Fanyan
Love Is Not Blind失恋33天Huang Xiaoxian
Tiptoe and Kiss踮起脚尖吻到爱Bian Tinghua
2014Blooming Peace Time和平的全盛时代Bao Xiaodou
The Young Doctor青年医生Xia Kexin
2015My Baby俏妈萌爸的甜蜜时光Liu Ruonan
Mission Impossible Love爱情碟中谍Ding Xiaoyu
2016Love Che Courier功夫之爱的速递Yang Yiyi
Why Get Married结婚为什么Wang Ran
2017Fighter of the Destiny择天记Nan Ke
2018Born In 70s生于70年代Tan Yanfei
2019Sword Dynasty剑王朝Zheng Xiu
2020Trace痕迹Liang Maiqi


YearEnglish titleChinese titleAlbum
2013"A Love Song"一首情歌New Age of Love OST

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
201113th Golden Phoenix AwardBest NewcomerWon
201226th China TV Golden Eagle AwardBest ActressThe Hawk That Goes AwayNominated

Yao Di – Biography, Facts & Life Story

Body Measurements32-24-33 inches
Height5 feet 3 inches (1.64 m)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Waist24 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Shoe Size8 (US)
Age41 years old (in 2023)
Date of BirthMarch 17, 1982
Full NameYao Di
BirthplaceTongxiang, Jiaxing, China
Zodiac SignPisces

Yao Di Education

Qualification: Beijing Film Academy

Yao Di Career

Profession: Actress

Known For: Love Is Not Blind

Net Worth: $4 Million Approx

Yao Di Favorites

Hobbies: Poker, Video Game, Hiking

Favorite Destination: Japan

Favorite Food: Chicken Tenders, Ice Cream

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Pets: Cat

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