Written Updates for Kundali Bhagya for September 19, 2022: Karan longs for Kavya.

Written Updates for Kundali Bhagya for September 19, 2022: Karan longs for Kavya.

Karan feels uneasy as he recalls the happenings of the day. He discovers Anjali is unhappy. He assures her that he will make her coffee. She expects him to apologise. He thanks her for never leaving his side while he battled loneliness. She begs him to understand that if Kritika hadn't defended him, everyone would have known who he was. She asserts that the family can identify Karan in him.
Even though Preeta made a love pledge, according to him, she didn't recognise him as Karan. He promises Nidhi that he won't cheat her and that, before returning to London, he will extract his revenge. She forgives him. He assures her that he will make the best coffee. She swears she won't consume the horrible coffee. He tells her he was just teasing, and that she will make the coffee herself. She chuckles and tells him how much she likes him.
Preeta gets over the confused notion that Arjun is Karan. Kritika, who has clarified why Arjun opened the locker, is someone she can trust. She is certain at this point that Arjun is not Karan. Once more, fate brings them together. Because he misses Kavya, Karan goes to her school to see her. He is interested in finding out Kavya's birthday.
Preeta and Arjun run into one other at Kavya's school once more. Prithvi also goes there to meet Preeta and tell her that Arjun is Rishabh's rival. Prithvi is upsetting Preeta. She gets away. Prithvi fails to let her know the truth about Arjun. Anjali loves Arjun dearly. She is puzzled and wants to know if Arjun actually loves Preeta. Arjun and Prithvi will collide once more.

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