Wow. Jon Stewart and the Arkansas attorney general get heated over trans minors. That figure is incredibly made up.

Wow. Jon Stewart and the Arkansas attorney general get heated over trans minors. That figure is incredibly made up.

Leslie Rutledge, the attorney general of Arkansas, was taken aback when Jon Stewart challenged her to provide evidence for a very astounding assertion she made on Apple TV+'s The Problem with Jon Stewart.
Stewart discussed transgenderism in the opening episode of his talk show's second season. He once sat down with Rutledge to talk about the state of Arkansas' efforts to outlaw care for kids that is gender affirming.
Why would the state of Arkansas intervene to override recommendations made by parents, doctors, psychiatrists, and endocrinologists? Why would you disregard their rules? Stewart questioned Rutledge as they were seated.

"Well, I believe it's vital that all of those doctors, all of those professionals — for every single one of them, there's another professional who says we shouldn't allow children to take those pills. that there are numerous situations in which — Stewart spoke before Rutledge could respond.

"But you are aware that is untrue. You're aware that it's not true that "for every one, there's one," the former host of The Daily Show stated.

The two exchanged barbs for a little while before Rutledge asserted that specialists had testified before the state senate and that they had observed that 98 percent of those who had "gender dysphoria" were able to "get past that."

"We had several witnesses appear before the legislature and attest that 98 percent of young people who experience gender dysphoria are able to overcome it. And once they receive the necessary support, they are no longer affected by gender dysphoria. 98 percent," stated Rutledge.

While Rutledge spoke, Stewart responded in a mocking tone, "Wow." "That statistic is absolutely fabricated. That doesn't match any of the research or documentation that these medical associations have produced. What medical organisation are you referring to?

"We will be happy to give you access to our legislative history, which contains all of that information. I can't think of the name of that right now," Rutledge replied.

Following more discussion on the subject, Stewart once more requested that the attorney general provide the names of experts and medical organisations who support her ban. She told the comic that Rutledge wasn't ready for a "Supreme Court debate."

At one point, Stewart remarked, "You're making it seem like a nine-year-old walks into a doctor's office and requests testosterone, to which the doctor responds, "Oh, thank God, because we're hoping to create an army of transgenders because we're crazy.

Rutledge claimed that the purpose of state legislation is to "protect the children" and claimed that she was unprepared for the discussion.
She said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't ready to have a Supreme Court debate today in front of you.

The article Jon Stewart and the Arkansas attorney general get heated over transgender children: "Wow. The first instance of "That's An Incredibly Made Up Figure" was on Mediaite.

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