With a little Marlon Brando wisdom, Christopher Walken approaches his career.

With a little Marlon Brando wisdom, Christopher Walken approaches his career.

People who follow their own path include some of the world's finest artists and thinkers. They might be more talented in their fields because of their peculiarities and distinctive points of view. People with unconventional personalities, like Albert Einstein or Edgar Allan Poe, produced some of humanity's most indisputable masterpieces of science and art.
Some of our best actors also exhibit these bizarre tendencies, which may have been made worse by the studio mentality in Hollywood. If you're paying an actor millions of dollars to appear in your film, you're more inclined to let them treat everyone around them badly if they're smart. Marlon Brando is a prime example of this image; his antics on set annoyed both producers and his fellow performers.

Christopher Walken is a renowned actor who also has a penchant for nonsense. Actors have many strange interactions with Walken since he is a notoriously eccentric cat. Despite the fact that Walken's odd conduct has generally been far more benign than Brando's frequently violent actions, there are still many obvious similarities between the two actors.

Walken claims that he has truly drawn inspiration from Brando throughout his career. According to a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Walken also took some of Brando's more general life counsel to heart. Like many other artists, Brando served as an inspiration for Walken as an actor.
Walken briefly discusses his shockingly aimless life philosophy in the Vanity Fair article.

"In actuality, I've never made decisions. I mainly just follow what comes next. I am not a parent. Tennis and golf are not my sports of choice. I dislike going on vacation. I mostly only go to work. Therefore, the decisions I make are more influenced by the opportunity in front of me. I enjoy taking a chance. Throughout my career, things have occasionally gone well and occasionally not. But that is how things work."

Hey, if acting is what he enjoys doing, I'm pleased he has so much opportunity to do it. Actually, it's a rather healthy approach to look at his career. It's true that not every movie you create is going to be a hit, no matter how talented you are as an individual performer. That is simply a fact of the unstable film business.

Apparently, Walken copied Brando's mindset in this regard: "In a recent interview, Marlon Brando claimed that acting was a gamble. And I believe it to be true. Simply take a chance and watch what happens."

It is unexpected to hear this slogan from Brando, who was infamous for becoming difficult to work with when given a part he didn't enjoy. Saying no more frequently could only have been beneficial for him. But given the success of Brando and Walken's respective careers, I assume that comes at a price. Although Marlon Brando and Christopher Walken are two legendary actors, anyone may imitate this quality of theirs.

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