Will Smiths most recent action might be an effort to make amends with Chris Rock.

Will Smiths most recent action might be an effort to make amends with Chris Rock.

People will always remember the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars incident as the century's most dramatic public outburst. Chris Rock's offensive remark that he made during the event quickly became violent. Will Smith has thus taken a lot of heat for his actions. Additionally, he was prohibited from attending the Oscars for the following ten years.
a showing of Will Smith's Emancipation
Smith recently gave a screening of his new film, Emancipation. According to Billboard, a number of famous people, including Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, Tyler Perry, and other well-known figures, attended the screening. The stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle stood out among the distinguished guests.
Will Smith's opening action
As everyone in the world is aware, ChappeDave lle is Chris Rock's close buddy and business partner. Through 2022, Chapelle and Rock will travel the globe as co-headliners of their unique comedy act. Furthermore, the two comics made light of the notorious Oscars slap that startled the entire world. Fans are therefore taken aback by Chappelle's attendance at the screening and interpret it as Smith settling scores and letting the past go.
The possibility of reconciliation
Chappelle's presence at the exclusive screening is a great indication that Smith and Rock might be on good terms again. He might operate as the intermediary between the two actors. Marca claims that Chappelle supports each of them.

Rock, though, is said to have repeatedly declined to speak with Smith following the event. Despite this, Smith's invitation was a wise move to try to keep the comedians at peace. It remains to be seen if this will result in a reconciliation between Smith and Rock.

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