Why Tim Burton Wont Produce a Marvel Film for the Time Being

Why Tim Burton Wont Produce a Marvel Film for the Time Being

Director Tim Burton explained why it's unlikely that he will ever serve as the head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the LumiƩre Festival in Lyon, Burton spoke about his complex relationship with Disney, according to Deadline. Disney has now branched out into the Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel brands after serving as an apprentice at the company. It has become extremely homogeneous and consolidated. There is less place for many kinds of items, according to Burton. Burton denied any consideration of participating in an MCU movie when asked if he would ever consider doing so. "I can only handle one universe; several universes are beyond my capacity."
With the release of Iron Man in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has rapidly grown to include nearly 30 films and numerous Disney+ television series. Disney acquired the rights to Marvel Entertainment in 2009, which provided the franchise with a significant chance for future expansion. In addition, the studio paid $4.05 billion to purchase Lucasfilm three years after its agreement with Marvel. National Geographic and ESPN are both jointly owned by Disney.
Disney's History With Tim Burton
Burton discontinued his long-standing collaboration with the studio with the 2019 live-action version of Disney's Dumbo. "Throughout my work there, I was hired and dismissed like multiple times," he claimed. "I understood I was Dumbo, I was employed by this awful, massive circus, and I needed to get out." Despite ending the partnership with Disney, Burton hasn't looked into starting his own production company. "Now, here's the deal. I don't know, independent film. I never really understood what an independent picture was because I've only worked primarily with studios.
Following Disney's interest in his short Stalk of the Celery Monster, Burton began his filmmaking career. Burton was later fired as a result of his short film Frankenweenie from 1984, which the renowned studio felt to be inappropriate for young audiences. Later, the stop-motion movie's 64-year-old director finished a full-length version of the project with Catherine O'Hara and Winona Ryder, two of his regular partners. The 2012 movie was up for Best Animated Film at the Academy Awards, but Disney/Brave Pixar's won.

Burton has directed superhero movies before, despite his adamant opposition to doing so. In the 1989 film Batman, which starred Michael Keaton as the title character and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, he served as director. In addition, Burton agreed to take the helm of Batman Returns in 1992, lending both movies the director's trademark gloomy undertones. The 64-year-old director has also worked on musicals, live-action adaptations, and sci-fi movies. He is most well known, though, for his work as a director on gothic stories like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.

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