Why Supermans alien nemesis is referenced in the name of DCs Heroic Brainiac 5

Why Supermans alien nemesis is referenced in the name of DCs Heroic Brainiac 5

Although Brainiac 5 is a part of the Legion of Super-Heroes, he has a moniker that is similar to one of the worst Superman villains to ever terrorise the DC Universe. The reason Brainy is the namesake of one of the worst threats the Man of Steel has faced becomes clear in a flash.
The Legion of Super-Heroes is a group from the 31st century that was motivated by the heroic example that a young Superman had established. One of the most important members of the Legion of Super-Heroes is Brainiac 5, also called by his friends as "Brainy," who is one of the most exciting heroes in DC's future. Brainiac 5 is a Coluan with a 12th-level intellect who resembles the infamous Superman foe Brainiac but is actually the villain's great-great-grandson. However, whereas the first Brainiac was a monster, Brainy is a loyal soldier in the Legion.
But if Brainiac 5 is such a good person, why does he have the same name as one of Superman's most vicious adversaries in history?
In Adventure Comics #8, Sterling Gates, James Robinson, Eric Trautmann, Travis Moore, Julian Lopez, and Pier Gallo presented the regrettable backstory. Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes reflects on his past, in especially the bullying he experienced on his home planet of Colu. Despite having the name Querl Dox as his given name, Brainy's father gave him the nickname Brainiac 5 in honour of their family, which causes him to be scorned and mocked by his classmates. Brainy confronts his father, Brainiac 4, after learning about the crimes his grandfather did, wondering why they would choose to be called after such a monster. No matter what, they are the heritage of the original Brainiac, and it is up to them to recover their identity, Brainiac 4 informs his son.
Young heroes who are as far from being villains as any group of heroes can be make up the Legion of Super-Heroes. They frequently guard the chronology, have repeatedly fought alongside Superman, who serves as their main source of inspiration, and have repeatedly saved the universe. Brainiac 5 has always been there to use his intelligence for the good of the entire universe during all of their escapades. But this discovery clarifies what actually motivates the most intelligent Legionnaire to be the force for good that he is.

Brainiac is one of the worst supervillains in the entire DC Universe. The antagonist of Superman has destroyed countless worlds merely to possess their knowledge alone. Even more alarming, he retains sample "bottle cities" of his victories, like the Kryptonian city of Kandor. The fact is that Brainiac did procreate, giving rise to a family line that includes Brainiac 5. How someone like Brainiac managed to do so remains a mystery for all time. Despite Brainy's best efforts, he is a blood relative of Brainiac. Although he can't change their relationship, Brainiac 5 can utilise the name more creatively than the DC villain ever could.

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