Why Season 1 of The Watcher Ended the Way It Did

Why Season 1 of The Watcher Ended the Way It Did

The Watcher, a brand-new Netflix series, centres on Dean and Nora Brannock at their Westfield estate in New Jersey, played by Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watt, respectively. Based on a true event, the couple is harassed by an enigmatic stalker who sends them threatening, intrusive messages and occasionally even breaks in. Thankfully, Dean employs Theodora to assist with the investigation because these incidents cause the family a great deal of psychological distress.

Unfortunately for the pair, their attempts to implicate suspects in the area keep failing. Dean is compelled to sell his ideal home and move back into the city since he just cannot find solid proof. Sadly, his fixation has cost him his career, and Nora is riding him to forget the drama, leaving his life in ruins. This leads to a hazy but surprising conclusion for the first season, one that demonstrates how seriously damaged the core cast is.
Theodora Claims To Be The Watcher
Theodora has battled cancer the entire season, yet she keeps going to assist Dean in solving the mystery. In contrast, she confesses she was the Watcher all along when she calls him to her bedside in her final days. She had to sell the house to pay for her medical care, but after receiving money from the death of her ex, she was able to afford it once more.

As a result, she contends that everything was staged, including hiring actors, skewing the inquiry, and using the family's information against them. All of this had been done to persuade Dean to sell, but now she wished to make things right, have peace of mind, and provide Dean with comfort. Surprisingly, Theodora's daughter at her funeral confirmed that she made up the tale in order to offer Dean closure and convince him to stop worrying about the case.
In The Watcher, Karen is given karma.
Ironically, Karen, the real estate agent who played Nora during the entire season, is the one who secretly purchases the home. In order to return to New York unharmed, she has been scheming, wriggling, and trying to buy it for less money, which happens when the family accelerates the sale. However, Nora mysteriously appears at the house during the day, indicating that she may have accessed the tunnels that the Watcher used to terrify them.

In a chilling warning, Nora assures Karen that she will eventually taste her own medicine. Eventually, Karen's dog is killed, and Nora—who appears to have sneaked in to exact revenge—threatens to scare her at night. Karen eventually sells the house on the cheap out of fear for her safety, though it's never made clear why. This implies that maybe she isn't the Watcher after all.
Dean's Suspects Are Reduced to Nothing
Later on, Dean admits to having authored one of the damaging letters—though not with malice aforethought—in an effort to persuade Nora to list the property. He made poor investing decisions, resulting in debt and the threat of bankruptcy once more. He has felt inadequate as a provider and breadwinner since losing his work, yet he will eventually apologise to the neighbours for bothering them. Ironically, when these neighbours gather together to discuss conserving the place, they leave hints that perhaps the Watcher is present.
Although their kid pretended to kill people to earn insurance money, Mitch and Mo don't appear likely, even though this could indicate they are just as cunning. Pearl, however, appears to still be fairly shady as it appears that she assisted John in using the tunnels to enter the house and torment Dean's family at first. Ironically, John, who is currently posing as William, was once suspected of killing his family there. As a result, had he desired a deserving family inside, he may have become the Watcher. Given that Pearl despises Dean's renovations and feels that they are disrespectful of history and culture, she may have been John's apprentice because she is familiar with the area.
Dean might now be the Watcher.
Due to his earlier attempt to assist Dean, the other candidate, Dakota, also appears to be out running. Additionally, he has feelings for Dean's daughter Ellie. Dean decides to lie about attending an interview rather than leave sleeping dogs alone, which leads to his stalking the new homeowners. He claims to live nearby and will be watching, sounding chilly and envious like the neighbours he just so happened to meet when he first moved here.

As Dean enters his vehicle, he keeps an eye on the man to see if he takes a Watcher letter out of the mailbox. This new family may be the target of the true Watcher, or Dean may be the one attempting to intimidate the man into making a quick deal. After all, Dean is adept at imitating the letter's format and using intimidation. With the Watcher being an infectious affliction that transforms people into the very monsters they despise, the narrative would come full circle. Although Dean didn't kill his family, what happened here is quite similar to what happened to John.
Nora might also be a watcher.
Dean deceives Nora over the phone by claiming to be in the city as the series comes to a close. She is, however, following him as he drives out, plainly aware that his therapy is failing. Nora appears to be keeping an eye on Dean right now, hoping he can hold the marriage together. She has already toyed with divorce and makes a tonne of money with her ceramics, so this might be the last straw.

Even Nora may be the new letter-writer, it's possible. She appears more at ease and aggressive, which frightens the family away. She believed that buying the house back would be karma and justice for all she had to go through. Of course, it's also possible that Nora is hanging out, obnoxiously preoccupied with the case. She might be attempting to determine what prevented Dean from solving the puzzle now that she is a little more stable. The final image shows her driving away, leaving viewers to wonder whether she will face Dean, attempt to reclaim the mansion, or continue to pursue the original stalker.

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