Why Kody Brown Wants His Wives To Adhere To Patriarchy: Sister Wives

Why Kody Brown Wants His Wives To Adhere To Patriarchy: Sister Wives

On Sister Spouses, when Christine Brown eventually left Kody Brown, Kody's response was to reestablish patriarchy in order to control his other three wives. Despite the fact that Christine has been living independently since November 2021, the show is currently catching up to real-life events and is over a year behind. Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown were all aware that Kody and Christine were going through a difficult time, but none of them anticipated that it would lead to their breakup. While the other spouses appeared upset by the news, Kody appeared enraged and began talking about what the family's future would entail in his view.
Sister Wives season 17, episode 4 included the official notification of Christine's separation. After hearing Christine speak, Kody's frown remained fixed on his face, and Robyn's propensity for crocodile tears persisted with her response to the news. When Janelle Brown inquired about her and Kody's 12-year-old daughter Truely Brown, viewers immediately noted the change and Kody's urgent need to regain control. "I never stated it was acceptable that you were relocating," the patriarch began, "and you never asked if you could move," Christine heard him remark. Kody addressed the other three spouses and claimed they would need to start following his wishes under the patriarchy as he understood he wouldn't have control over Christine's life.
Kody declared, "I'm going to be the leader of my household again," toward the conclusion of the conversation about Sister Wives. Many viewers of the show find it amusing as he continued by saying that he is trying to determine "whether everybody's willing to adhere to patriarchy" and that he has been working to please his wives. On Sister Wives, Kody is notorious for his selfish behaviour and is constantly considering what will benefit him the most. This makes many viewers wonder how he sees himself as the unselfish member of the family since he chose money above his children.
Many fans were shocked to learn from the conversation on Sister Wives that Kody has not changed or improved at all since the show's inception. Even after 17 seasons, Kody still loses his cool when he feels powerless and becomes irate when someone makes a choice without consulting him. My animosity stems from attempting to do that and failing to create the family I had imagined and planned, Kody claimed. While the father of 18 believed Janelle knew what she was getting into when she married Kody, Janelle, who may have been intending to leave Kody, did not appear pleased after hearing his surprise plan for the family. He expressed his belief that it was appropriate to expect of his brides when he claimed that she accepted to "run her will into mine."

Kody threatened to split the family apart if he did not feel like he had complete control, showing that his preoccupation with becoming the leader of the household has reached new heights. After losing one wife, Kody seems to have tightened the controls on his remaining wives, allowing them less autonomy and authority over their own lives. Fans of Sister Wives are interested to see if that prompts Janelle and Meri to follow Christine and finally leave Kody as well.

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