Why Kathryn Edwards from RHOBH Doesnt Recognize Sheila Rinna

Why Kathryn Edwards from RHOBH Doesnt Recognize Sheila Rinna

Alum Lisa Rinna has changed so much since she first joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Kathryn Edwards doesn't "recognise" her anymore. Season 6 of the show featured Kathryn's appearance. In her second season as a housewife, Lisa struggled to get along with Kathryn. She hasn't held back in criticising Lisa for her on-screen antics since Kathryn left. Lisa had already been charged by Kathryn with being dramatic for the cameras. But after years of stardom from reality TV, she is now beginning to worry if her former co-star has gone rogue.
Kathryn recently made an appearance on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef and discussed why she can't "recognise" Lisa after eight seasons on the show. Kathryn remarked, "I honestly, truly do not recognise Lisa Rinna in any way, shape, or form as I knew her previously. "She has left. She has left "Added she. Lisa was a "very wonderful girl before" her celebrity from reality TV, according to Kathryn. But Kathryn believes Lisa has changed negatively after playing a major role in the well-known franchise for so many years. If "it's worth it for her," Kathryn said, "I don't know if it's just about making a fantastic show and she's simply laughing her way to the bank." The former cast member of season 6 is unsure when Lisa would begin to doubt her own "purity."
Lisa and Kathryn have a shared past, and Kathryn claims to have met Lisa before being selected for the show. But Kathryn claims Lisa has lost her Bravolebrity status after almost ten years "doesn't resemble herself at all. She sounds unrecognisable. She displays inconsistent behaviour." Lisa has blamed her bad behaviour on her mother Lois's dying. Fans, however, have criticised Lisa and accused her of using her mother's passing as an excuse for her juvenile behaviour both on and off the show. Kathyrn appears to concur. In jest, Kathryn said, "I'm sorry, but I don't buy the whole, you know, her mom's death has brought her to this type of insane deluded character that she is now. "I believe she got here because of the Housewives show,"
Following Lisa's observation of Kathy Hilton's breakdown in Aspen, things reached a boiling point in the season 12 finale. Being the only eyewitness, Lisa was able to describe what she claimed to have heard Kathy say and see during her outburst. Lisa's story is the only information viewers know about the brawl because the meltdown was left out of the final product. Lisa states she was astounded to witness the wealthy philanthropist and businesswoman transform into "the devil" and terrified by Kathy's behaviour. While Lisa seems to be involved in another fight between Kyle's sisters, the turmoil has strained the relationship between Kathy and Kyle Richards.

Viewers have seen Lisa stir the pot for years in an apparent attempt to keep her name prominent on the show. Lisa has shown signs of being amenable to being the show's antagonist. But many fans believe that enough is enough, and they applaud Lisa's awful behaviour every time she shows up. Diana Jenkins and the FFF team have had some very strong opinions on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, Lisa continues to be the most talked-about housewife, and not in a good manner. Fans are demanding her dismissal, and they might keep doing so until something is done.

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