Why Anime Horror Fans Should Watch the Thrilling New Series on Adult Swim

Why Anime Horror Fans Should Watch the Thrilling New Series on Adult Swim

Housing Complex C, the newest horror anime from Adult Swim, is so horrifying that aficionados of the genre must watch it. There has always been horror content on Adult Swim. The Cartoon Network programming block has produced some of the most aesthetically appealing content to revitalise the horror genre. The animated short "Learning with Pibby" and its more experimental offerings in the programme The Shivering Truth are some of its more remarkable contributions. However, the channel's selection of anime has given horror aficionados some of the best selections.
Adult Swim has entered the world of anime every Saturday night with the help of the well-known anime segment Toonami. The Promised Neverland and an upcoming official anime adaptation of Junji Ito's renowned tale, Uzumaki, which will be available exclusively on their platform as an original, have been among of their most well-liked choices for those looking for something spooky. But in the interim, they've debuted a brand-new horror anime that is guaranteed to please fans and make for a fantastic Halloween show.
A new horror anime called Housing Complex C, made by Y«ji Nara and Amphibian, centres on an apartment building in the Kurosaki municipality. Kimi Shirokado and the adult son of one of the tenants are the only young people living in the building, which predominantly houses elderly people. When a family moves in with a group of foreign employees looking to learn in Japan to improve their abilities, things start to alter. Behind the scenes, eerie things start to happen, as a new friendship between Kimi and a new girl named Keiko starts to stir up old ghosts. Although just one episode has been released thus far, the eerie atmosphere has given this new, brief anime a good start and may help it grow into one of the best horror anime of all time.
Housing Complex C Makes Full Use of the Uncanny
The uncanny is something Housing Complex C does exceptionally well. If you're not familiar with the phrase, it describes the sensation a spectator has when they discover something isn't quite right. There is a lot of this sense in Housing Complex C. The atmosphere is unpleasant, from Kimi's actions inside her house to the design of the tunnel system beneath the buildings. Even in broad daylight, danger lurks, as is demonstrated in a very terrifying sequence in which Kimi demonstrates what she learned about optical illusions and where we catch a peek of what might be a frightening aquatic creature. This is only one of the many terrifying monsters that can be seen in anime. There is so much promise for this show right now, and if the end credits of the gruesome first episode are any indication, things are set to get dark for this anime rather quickly.

American viewers may presently watch Housing Complex C on Adult Swim on Saturday nights, with fresh episodes airing on HBO Max the following day. This show's debut episode should thrill aficionados of the genre because it does a wonderful job of setting the tone and hinting at the terrifying events that will follow. The new Adult Swim horror anime may become a must-watch for every October with its references to reincarnation, murder, ghosts, and even H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.
American viewers may see new episodes of Housing Complex C every Saturday at midnight on Adult Swim's Toonami programme. The following day, the episodes make their HBO Max debut.

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