Who should appear first in the credits is the Avengers main conflict—not Kang.

Who should appear first in the credits is the Avengers main conflict—not Kang.

There is now a void at the top of the table for the Avengers as a result of Tony Stark's passing and Robert Downey Jr.'s exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is a large gap for the lucky A-lister who has their name put first in The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars because the longtime Iron Man received top billing in the first four Earth's Mightiest Heroes meetings.
Being the first name people see when a blockbuster concludes may seem insignificant to us common folk, but it would be a tremendous accomplishment for whoever succeeds RDJ. Chris Evans would have been the logical next step, but he is also no longer with us. Who will step up and accept the responsibility?
We don't know yet, but it hasn't stopped the MCU fans on Reddit from speculating about which of the countless cast members would be chosen for The Kang Dynasty.

Chris Hemsworth would unquestionably be the candidate if we were to base our decision on a combination of longevity and significance to the franchise's overall design. However, there seems to be less affection for Brie Larson, which is to be expected when we're talking about anything happening online. Benedict Cumberbatch and even Jonathan Majors have received a lot of support.

Maybe they'll end up going alphabetically like how Lost managed its 496 regular cast members as it progressively descended a cliff, making the whole debate irrelevant. One thing is certain, though: Downey Jr. left incredibly large shoes for others to fill.

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