While Jimmy Fallon joins in on the joke, Madonna, 63, plays with a toy keyboard.

While Jimmy Fallon joins in on the joke, Madonna, 63, plays with a toy keyboard.

Jimmy Fallon joins the joke as Madonna, 63, plays a toy keyboard.

For her Wednesday Instagram Stories, Madonna, 63, posed a lot.

Backstage, The Material Girl was getting ready to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon while dressed in a green and black ensemble.

She was visible in a series of social media images “Warming up” for the show, which appeared to include performing a vocal exercise.

She was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and fishnets, but it already looked like she had full hair and makeup on.

She was briefly joined by Jimmy, whom she referred to as a “Comic genius” on her Instagram Stories, as she was getting ready to perform.

Through her social media posts, Madonna gave a few hints about the possible topics of her talk-show appearance.

She used a sexy photo of herself wearing a matching spiked choker and a black leather bodice to advertise her upcoming Tonight Show appearance.

Her bust-filled Instagram video from June, in which she can be seen strutting down a hotel hallway in a setting reminiscent of her Justify My Love music video, is where she got that look.

Famously, the Justify My Love music video featured Madonna having sex with both a man and a woman in a hotel.

In fact, the 1990 release of the video was considered so raunchy due to its sexual content that MTV forbade its airing.

The New York Times quoted Madonna as saying in response to the uproar that the video’s subject matter was “the interior of a human being’s mind.”

In terms of more recent music, Beyonce and Madonna recently worked together on a remix of Break My Soul by Madonna.

Beyonce sent Madonna a bouquet and a heartfelt note praising her as a “Masterpiece Genius” upon the release of their single, using a phrase from her latest album.

In a letter to Madge, Bey said, “Thank You, Queen.”

I’m Thankful For You, so Much.

You’ve given so many women so many opportunities.

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