Which Twilight Vampire Is The Oldest? (& What Age They Are)

Which Twilight Vampire Is The Oldest? (& What Age They Are)

Who is the oldest of the vampires included in the Twilight novels and films, and how old are they on average? Each vampire featured in the series has a unique history and coven. Vampires have been modified over time to fit the tone and story of each author, but Stephenie Meyer took a novelistic approach to the genre with her first book, Twilight. In three additional books, Meyer continued to delve into her conception of vampires, always through the fraught pairing of vampire Edward Cullen and human Bella Swan.
Throughout the Twilight saga, Edward and Bella had to face a number of challenges in order to be together forever. Along the trip, they encountered werewolves and other vampire covens, and these weren't always on their side. Due to the success of the Twilight books around the world, they were adapted for the big screen from 2008 and 2012, with the final book, Breaking Dawn, being split into two films. The Twilight Saga was also a hit, but it also left the public with many unanswered concerns regarding this world and its inhabitants, particularly the vampires. One of these issues is: Which vampire in the Twilight realm is the oldest?

The Twilight books and films naturally focused a lot of their attention on the Cullen family since Edward Cullen was the male protagonist, but they also introduced other vampires, including the Volturi, the Denali coven, and others. The majority of these groups were first introduced in Breaking Dawn when the Cullens asked some of their closest friends for assistance. The Egyptian coven, composed of Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, and Tia, arrived to aid Carlisle and his family. Amun, the coven's leader, and his partner Kebi were the only two survivors of the Volturi attack during the conflict between their covens. Amun, who was transformed before the Romanian coven—the oldest coven there is—rose to power, is also regarded as the oldest vampire in the Twilight universe.
The Oldest Vampire Is Amun

Amun's actual age and birthdate, as well as when and how he was transformed, are unknowns, however it is said that he was born before 2500 B.C., making him a very old man. Sadly, those are not the only aspects of Amun that are unknown in the Twilight realm; we also don't know what his skills are (all vampires in this universe have special abilities). However, the characters' personalities and the dynamics inside his coven were somewhat revealed to readers and spectators. Amun was truly suspicious and paranoid, and he guarded Benjamin extremely well. He claimed that Carlisle tried to steal members of his coven when he approached him and his coven, asking them to assist his family in testifying against the Volturi's accusations. He specifically accused Carlisle of trying to steal Benjamin, who had the ability to manipulate elements, making him one of the most valuable resources in the vampire community.

Amun's Survival Skills Placed Him At The Volturi's Mercy

Amun has no specific skills, but he does possess one very helpful talent: survival instincts. Amun belonged to a strong, opulent Egyptian coven before the Volturi ascended to power, but he put up the way of life he cherished when it became evident that the Volturi posed an unacceptable threat. He and Kebi were the only vampires in their coven to submit to the Volturi's demands and abandon their previous existence. This helped them to survive, but it also left them vulnerable to the Volturi's whims. Amun set an example by accomplishing exactly what Aro had wished for him to achieve. Amun struggled for generations to keep his coven and himself hidden from the Volturi, which is why he was reluctant to assist Carlisle in the Twilight saga by coming out of hiding.

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