When discussing the North vs. South debate, Naga Chaitanya claims that "Audience Picks Content They Relate To."

When discussing the North vs. South debate, Naga Chaitanya claims that "Audience Picks Content They Relate To."

With Laal Singh Chaddha, the Telugu sensation Naga Chaitanya made his Bollywood debut in August of this year. Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan both had key roles in the movie. Nevertheless, despite receiving generally negative reviews, the movie didn't succeed at the box office. According to reports, the movie made Rs 60 crore during its domestic run. Is Naga Chaitanya still available for Bollywood roles after the Laal Singh Chaddha fiasco?
Naga Chaitanya recently discussed this in an interview with mansworldindia.com, saying that he is open to good projects not only in Hindi cinema but also in other regional languages. Chay stated that he enjoys experimenting and anticipates working with other directors in the near future.

Of course, I'd like to work on more Bollywood movies. I respect that sector. I want to cooperate with so many of the filmmakers there. I'm just holding out for something intriguing to happen. In addition to Hindi movies, I would also love to experiment with other languages. I enjoy creating intriguing characters and playing around and experimenting with them. When it comes to quality work, I am open to all fields, the actor said.

Naga Chaitanya addressed the North vs. South argument as well as the question of whether South Indian cinema is "dwarfing" Bollywood. When questioned if Bollywood is doing something wrong, the Thank You actor responded that viewers prefer to see more relatable stuff.

"Everywhere, nothing is going wrong. The content that most appeals to the audience is chosen. No matter the language, if there is an emotional connection, they will make it win. People now watch movies with subtitles, so language is no longer a barrier. We simply need to produce more relevant and up-to-date information, in any language, in my opinion, the actor stated.

Additionally, Chay advised filmmakers to first create works that "resonate with them before they can attempt to connect with the audience." "Imitating a trend won't be successful for very long. There is an audience for every genre of cinema because we have such a wide range of emotions and cultural backgrounds, he continued.

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