When asked about musicians remixing his song, AR Rahman responded, "The more I see, the more it is distorted."

When asked about musicians remixing his song, AR Rahman responded, "The more I see, the more it is distorted."

For the past three decades, Oscar-winning music composer and singer AR Rahman has produced a number of timeless songs and albums. The musician is also renowned for injecting his songs with creativity. There has been a lot of discussion and controversy on this subject as the remix and remake culture has gained popularity. The most recent example is Neha Kakkar's version of Maine Payal Hai Chhankai by Falguni Pathak as O Sajna. The music composer for Mani Ratnam's landmark film Ponniyin Selvan 1, AR Rahman, has made a joke about the remix culture.

The Dil Se singer explained to India Today that there are many considerations to make while taking someone else's kid and giving it a whole different feel. in particular if it is his work. "The more I see, the more it is warped," said Rahman. The composer's original intent is perverted. I'm reimagining, people say. You are to reimagine who? I also take great care not to steal other people's ideas. You must show respect, and I believe there is some ambiguity there that needs to be resolved."
When the 55-year-old composer was questioned about his opinion on his own songs being altered and remixed to suit the whims and fancies of the producers and film-makers, he responded that one cannot simply take something that has just been released and present it in a completely different way.

He said, "The producers said every song you two (Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman) do sounds fresh now because it is all done in digital mastering. The other day, we had the Telugu music premiere. Everyone recognises that quality as being there in it. Therefore, I must reconstruct it if I have to do it. People take permission, of course, but you cannot take something that was recently created and remake it. It feels strange."

Everyone has been raving about Ponniyin Sevan's musical record in the meantime. Six original songs by A.R. Rahman, including "Ponni Nadhi," "Chola Chola," "Ratchasa Maamaney," "Sol," "Alaikadal," and "Devaralan Aattam," make up the soundtrack. In the Tamil version, the song's lyrics were written by Ilango Krishnan, Kabilan, Krithika Nelson, and Siva Ananth; in the Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada versions, they were written by Mehboob Kotwal, Ananta Sriram, Rafeeq Ahamed, and Jayanth Kaikini, respectively.

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