What happened to Tracy Edwards and where is he now in relation to Jeffrey Dahmer?

What happened to Tracy Edwards and where is he now in relation to Jeffrey Dahmer?

The creator of American True Crime Story and American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, has brought the life of infamous American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to television.

The serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, is portrayed in the ten-part television series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story by Emmy winner Evan Peters.

The series will tell the story from the perspectives of Dahmer's victims, those who sought to stop him, and those who knew him rather than necessarily from Dahmer's perspective.

The television show will highlight the numerous deliberate mistakes that allowed Dahmer to commit crimes for more than ten years.

After Tracy Edwards managed to flee his home and signal a passing police cruiser, Dahmer was eventually apprehended in July 1991, ending his 13-year murderous rampage.

Everything you need to know about Tracy Edwards and his current situation is covered in Newsweek.

How did Tracy Edwards fare?
On July 22, 1991, Tracy Edwards made a precarious escape from Jeffrey Dahmer's house.

They first ran into each other in a bar when Dahmer approached three men and offered them $100 to go with him to his apartment so they could take n*ked pictures, watch a movie, and drink a little.

Brown, Shaun J. (L to R) In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Shaun J. Brown plays Tracy Edwards and Evan Peters portrays Jeffrey Dahmer.
The 32-year-old Edwards concurred and followed Dahmer home, where both their lives would undergo significant transformation.

As depicted in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, when Edwards first arrived, he smelled something awful and tried to leave, but Dahmer persuaded him to stay.

Dahmer shackled Edwards, just managing to lock in one wrist as he gazed at his tropical fish. Then, after receiving a knife threat, Edwards consented to let Dahmer snap pictures in an effort to defuse the situation. Additionally, he assured Dahmer that he would not flee.

After watching a horrific movie, as depicted in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Dahmer put his head on Edwards' chest, listened to his heartbeat, and told Edwards he was going to kill him and devour his heart.

After considering the best course of action, Edwards waited for Dahmer to release the shackle before attempting to flee. Edwards punched Dahmer, causing him to fall to the ground, and then ran out the front door.

Edwards managed to flag down a Milwaukee police vehicle and officers Robert Rauth and Rolf Mueller as he ran down the street while still in handcuffs and without a top on.

He consented to accompany the cops to Dahmer's flat since he couldn't remove the shackles without a key. When they discovered more weapons and the same offensive odour that Glenda Cleveland and Edwards, two nearby neighbours, had complained about, Dahmer welcomed the cops inside to get the key.

When Mueller opened a drawer, he found over 70 Polaroid photos, including shots of dead bodies in various states of mutilation and scantily clad men.

They also discovered evidence that Dahmer had carried out many killings, including a human skull in the fridge, two plastic bags containing a human heart in the freezer, and another bag with a set of male genitalia.
In the bedroom, they also discovered five human skulls, as well as knives, hammers, and saws. Along with three torsos and other body parts, there was a 57-gallon vat filled with acid and a full human skeleton in another drawer.

In 15 of the 17 murders he admitted to perpetrating, Dahmer entered a plea of guilty but crazy. He was given 15 consecutive life terms in prison in February 1992 after the jury determined that he was rational at the time of each murder.

At the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, he was attacked by another prisoner, Christopher J. Scarver, and was killed as a result in 1994.

What's become of Tracy Edwards?
Regrettably, not much is known right now about Tracy Edwards.

According to ABC News, Edwards has been arrested on suspicion of drug possession, property damage, theft, and failure to pay child support after Dahmer was found guilty in 1992.

Edwards, who was homeless at the time, got into legal difficulty in July 2011 and even served time in jail.

He was one of two guys charged with throwing Jonny Jordan, a homeless man, off a bridge, where Jordan drowned after falling into the lake below, according to ABC News.

Edwards admitted to helping a felon, and the judge in the Milwaukee County Circuit Court gave him a one and a half year prison term.

According to The Sun, he also received two more years of extended supervision.

Edwards has reportedly been homeless since 2002, according to many publications.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: Dahmer — Monster is currently available on Netflix.

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