Watch the Paradise City trailer to see Bruce Willis and John Travolta square off in Hawaii

Watch the Paradise City trailer to see Bruce Willis and John Travolta square off in Hawaii

In the beautiful island of Hawaii, Bruce Willis and John Travolta square off.

Exclusively for PEOPLE on Tuesday, Saban Films unveiled the first trailer for the two Pulp Fiction actors' reunion in Paradise City. Blake Jenner, Praya Lundberg, and Stephen Dorff are featured in the action movie as well.

According to the official synopsis, "Bounty hunter Ian Swan (Willis) is shot and assumed dead after missing in Maui seas, and Swan's son Ryan (Jenner), his ex-partner (Dorff), and a local detective (Lundberg) set out to discover his killers."

The synopsis continues, "It seems Ryan and his team are out of alternatives after being threatened by a vicious power broker (Travolta), until an expedition to the tightly guarded island enclave of Paradise City connects them with an unlikely ally.
The chaos that ensues after Swan becomes involved in a gunfight on the sand in Hawaii while pursuing a bounty is hinted at in the teaser. Following the encounter, Ryan runs across Robbie Cole (Dorff), the ex-partner of his father, whom Lundberg's character presents as "another bounty hunter."

"I used to work with your father. We alienated a lot of people, "In the trailer, Robbie tells Ryan. Scenes of Ian and Travolta's character conversing over dinner are shown, and he continues, "He's hunting a huge whale of a bounty."

Are you a threat? Willis merely states, in response to Travolta's character's question, "Not to my friends."

Travolta's character responds, "Well, that's too bad, since I have enough pals."

Ian calls Travolta's character "a stone-cold killer, tied to the cartels" as he shoots and kills a man and makes hints that he will torture another. In a split second, Ian tells Ryan to "leave this island and not return back" or threatens him with doing so.
Chuck Russell, who previously helmed the third Nightmare on Elm Street movie and 1994's The Mask, directed Paradise City, one of the final movies Willis, 67, made before he declared in March that he would stop performing following his aphasia diagnosis.

Nov. 11 marks Paradise City's launch.

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