Was the late Loretta Lynn actually Dolly Partons sister when she once referred to her as such?

Was the late Loretta Lynn actually Dolly Partons sister when she once referred to her as such?

The entertainment industry was severely shaken by the news of Loretta Lynn's passing. Celebrities from all over the world rushed up to offer their sympathies; it was a tremendous loss for country music and music in general. Even though Loretta had made friends with some of the finest musicians ever, she was particularly devoted to one individual.
Everyone who read Dolly Parton's heartfelt tribute to her best friend's passing was moved, but one aspect of it stood out: she referred to her as her sister. This is why she did:
The world was flipped upside down when Loretta Lynn, our dear mother, passed away quietly this morning, October 4, in her sleep at her beloved ranch in Hurricane Mills.
Due to her legendary status and the millions of individuals she influenced worldwide, tributes quickly began to flow in. But there was one tribute in particular that caused a stir and came from a different legendary musician.

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Despite the fact that these two country legends were not related by blood, the title "sisters" appropriately describes their unique bond. When Loretta Lynn passed away, Dolly Parton oversaw one of the most stirring and heartfelt tributes to her.

Fans were curious about their bond as the comment began, "So sorry to hear of my sister, friend Loretta."

"We've been like sisters for the entire time we've been in Nashville. She was a lovely person, had a wonderful gift, and I'm one of her millions of fans. As will we all, I will miss her terribly. Let her soul rest in peace.

There have been many touching tributes to Loretta from other singers and celebrities in general, but Dolly's was by far the one that affected fans the most.

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