View The AI That Transforms Humans Into Pokemon

View The AI That Transforms Humans Into Pokemon

Nowadays, photographs of persons retrieved from search engine databases are created online using artificial intelligence; for instance, John Wick was recently transformed into a Pixar film. Now, Justin Pinkney has developed a new programme that transforms real individuals or well-known figures from pop culture into Pokemon. We don't understand why this procedure was needed in the first place, but as you can see in the pictures above, many different people have undergone transformations, including former US President George Bush.
Former President Barrack Obama, Hello Kitty, and what appears to be Donald Trump are among the other Pokemon-transformed individuals. Again, we are unsure of the purpose of this software, but some of the outcomes are rather amusing. Pinkney has also noted that the AI software is beginning to acquire some traction. He has said that upgrades to the programme are on the way because it is currently not flawless.

There are numerous apps that let users transform into characters from The Simpsons or other cartoon shows, but none that turn them into a nightmare-inducing version of themselves as Pokemon. As people will want to witness their favourite celebrities in combat, it is reasonable to predict that this AI software will be somewhat exploited.
Anyone interested in learning more can go to Pinkney's website, which uses a text-based programme to grab anything off the internet and convert it into a Pokemon. The website's home page features samples from the aforementioned photographs, including one featuring Yoda and Totoro. This might be your chance to find out what Goku from Dragon Ball Z might look like as a Pokemon.

Apart from these haphazard search engines that are plastered all over social media, AI is currently applied in a variety of ways. We're not claiming that people using these programmes to find out about the most popular products could trigger a robot insurrection, but if sentient 3D-printed Pokemon hybrid humans turn against us, you're all to blame.

We are aware of how absurd the aforementioned argument sounds, but isn't it absurd that AI is being used to transform uninvited individuals into Pokemon in the first place? Nevertheless, we can find amusement in using this application, and the examples given are rather absurd. We find the Boris Johnson Pokemon in particular to be rather horrifying, and we most definitely would not want that creature to pursue us in the wild.
It's possible that Pinkney is paying respect to his favourite anime/card-battle brand, Pokemon, even though he did so in an odd way. Pokemon is a historic franchise that was founded in the 1990s and has since become a cultural phenomenon. Fans can still visit his website to conduct their own irrational experiments and see what horrifying humanoid Pokemon they create. We are supportive of AI as long as it is not employed to advance the robot insurrection.

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