Videos of Selena Gomezs Shocking and Upsetting Younger Self Rock the House!

Videos of Selena Gomezs Shocking and Upsetting Younger Self Rock the House!

Yes, you should definitely see Selena Gomez's documentary My Mind and Me this weekend. It will be available on Apple TV+ on November 4, 2022. Little of the singer and actress's star-studded reality is omitted in the six years of film footage that tells her narrative.
She also pleased her audience with a brand-new song and a matching lyric video, offering them a preview of what was to come. Gomez, a supporter of mental health awareness who isn't afraid to speak up about her personal challenges, believes that the movie and the new song will enable people to find solace in their own lives.
In a new interview published on Vulture, the artist discusses even more personal aspects of her life, such as darker self-consciousness that she hasn't previously acknowledged.

Gomez adds in the interview that she initially planned to work on a documentary with director Alek Keshishian on her 2016 Revival tour, adding, "I wanted to produce something that was a little surface-y at first." But as the trip continued, her mental health started to deteriorate, and she decided to cancel halfway through.
She says, "I wasn't feeling good, and I couldn't go on." I had to stop doing what I had to stop doing in order to survive.
The actor from Only Murders in the Building kept in touch with Keshishian, who joined her at additional occasions and documented various times in her life, including when she volunteered at a school in Kenya in 2019.
The actress found it particularly difficult to watch portions of her life being pieced back together. Although she enjoys celebrating the successes, she was surprised by how she had come to view herself over the years.

She says in the interview, "The things I was watching from 2016, 2017, and 2018 - I can't believe I was that girl." "When I viewed, for instance, the opening scene of the movie where I spoke about my physique... I don't want to cry right now, but I was very disappointed with myself.

The star of his movie, according to Keshishian, "doesn't like watching herself, which is really different from most celebrities, who are like, 'What do I look like in that? Is it the appropriate angle? She also mentions how she struggles to accept compliments but is focusing on doing it gracefully.

Gomez continues, "I couldn't believe the things I was wanting to be, which actually aren't achievable unless you have a tonne of money and are prepared to spend it on yourself... I don't want to leave anyone with that impression.

Gomez has been outspoken about how she feels about body positivity, how it affects self-esteem, and body image. During her acceptance speech for the 2016 American Music Awards, she discussed the need for more self-love (which may have been the latest target of a Britney Spears Instagram rant).

Gomez put her palm over her heart and said, "I don't want to see your bodies on Instagram, I want to see what's in here."
Gomez admits that, despite her excitement for My Mind and Me, some of her movie's previews were "shocked and upsetting."

She is aware that she has changed the world and that many people look up to her as a role model. Her own diary served as the source of inspiration for the title tune of her most recent album, which also serves as the soundtrack to the movie.

Gomez explains, "These individuals grabbed my tale and turned it into something bigger than me. "I genuinely feel appreciative for these times. Realizing that it will soon be made available to everyone who might experience similar emotions is crazy.

There has been no confirmation of the singer's relationship with ex-Justin Bieber's inclusion in the movie. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see!

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