Umme Kulsum Vijliwala Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Umme Kulsum Vijliwala Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Introduction to Umme Kulsum Vijliwala: Redefining Laughter and Spreading Joy

Umme Kulsum Vijliwala

In a world where the power of laughter is cherished and celebrated, Umme Kulsum Vijliwala, a talented fashion designer turned digital creator, has emerged as a beacon of happiness. Her captivating journey is an inspiration to many, as she fearlessly follows her passion and uses her creativity to bring joy to people's lives. Infosaurs would like to introduce you to Umme- her background, career, and the remarkable milestones she has achieved along the way.

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Background and Early Life

Born on 23 January 2000 and raised in the vibrant city of Mumbai, 23-Year-Old Umme Kulsum Vijliwala inherited her zest for life from her supportive parents, Fatema S. Vijliwala and Shabbir Y Vijliwala. From a young age, she demonstrated a remarkable talent for fashion and design. After completing her schooling at Hasanat High School, she pursued her dreams at the 2 prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Hyderabad, where she earned her BDes in Fashion Design.

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Known affectionately as "Golu," Umme Kulsum Vijliwala is an Aquarius, whose captivating brown eyes and lustrous black hair add to her charismatic aura. Standing tall at 5'8", she exudes confidence and charm. Her body measurements reflect her stunning appearance, although specific details were not provided. With her enchanting personality and striking features, Umme Kulsum Vijliwala captivates the hearts of her audience effortlessly.

Expressing her individuality and beliefs, Umme proudly sports three tattoos. On her right shoulder, a feather symbolizes freedom and a vibrant spirit. Additionally, she bears the word "Hakiki" in Arabic, representing her acceptance and presence in the current reality. Lastly, she proudly displays an Aryan symbol, signifying bravery and courage.

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Favorite Choices

The influencer has impeccable taste when it comes to her favorite choices. Among actors, she admires the versatile Hrithik Roshan, while Deepika Padukone stands as her favorite actress. When it comes to food, she delights in devouring momos, and her love for the color black is evident in her fashion choices. The Marvel universe captivates her, making the Iron Man and Avengers movies her go-to favorites. She also holds a special place in her heart for the captivating web series "Breaking Bad." For leisurely getaways, Goa is her preferred travel destination, while Mumbai remains her cherished home.

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Hobbies and Unknown Facts

In her free time, Umme Kulsum Vijliwala indulges in swimming and boxing, fostering an active and healthy lifestyle. However, her unusual aversion to pizzas sets her apart from the crowd. Despite her youthful energy and talent, she admits to occasionally losing touch with people, a habit she seeks to improve upon. Furthermore, she refrains from smoking and consumes alcohol only on rare occasions.

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Life Philosophy

Miss Vijliwala believes that a happy life is enriched by having a pet companion and a sense of purpose. Her pet and her unwavering commitment to making people laugh drive her daily, offering a profound sense of fulfillment.

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Childhood Memories and Dreams

Among the many precious memories from her childhood, Umme fondly recalls her mother making delicious aamras (mango pulp) during the summers, a sweet and nostalgic experience. Her biggest dream revolves around making a meaningful change in society, using her influence to uplift and inspire others.

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Inspiration to Become a Digital Creator

Umme Kulsum Vijliwala's journey as a digital creator stem from her desire to spread laughter and happiness in a world often weighed down by stress and problems. By bringing smiles to people's faces, even if just for a moment, she finds true contentment and fulfillment.

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Useless Talent and Future Aspirations

Umme possesses a unique talent—she can keep her eyes open without blinking for nearly two minutes, an impressive feat. Looking ahead, she aims to establish a strong presence on Instagram, sharing smart and engaging content with her growing audience.

She embarked on her digital creator journey in December 2021 when she made her profile public and started posting photos. Encouraged by the positive response, she continued to engage her audience for several months. Seeking a targeted and purposeful approach, she created the "Bad Boyfriend Series," which garnered 200k views and 10k likes—a pivotal moment that propelled her forward. Spurred by this success, Umme collaborated with her boyfriend to create the viral "Pro Tip for Boys" series, further solidifying her passion for making people laugh. Her dedication to spreading joy through her content continues to reward her with tremendous support and appreciation.

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Social Media Handles

To stay connected with Umme Kulsum Vijliwala and witness her captivating journey firsthand, follow her on:

Instagram: @comfortably.thick

YouTube: Umme Kulsum Vijliwala

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Concluding thoughts

Vijliwala's journey from a talented fashion designer to a digital creator on a mission to spread joy and laughter has captivated the hearts of many. Her passion for making people smile, coupled with her creativity and infectious personality, has established her as a prominent figure in the digital realm. As she continues to inspire and uplift her audience, Umme Kulsum’s story serves as a testament to the power of pursuing one's dreams and embracing the joy of life.

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