Udaariyaan 11th May 2022 Today’s Written Episode & Gossips Alert

Udaariyaan 11th May 2022 Today’s Written Episode & Gossips Alert

In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we have watched Tejo asking Fateh does he has any kind of evidence that can prove Angad guilty. Fateh says that he doesn’t have any evidence so far but it is the truth. Tejo says that he can’t harm her until she is along with Angad. Fateh says that he is in love with her he even can’t think to harm her. Tejo warns Fateh that you already killed my baby if you try to do anything else she will call the police. Get more information Udaariyaan 10th May 2022 Written Episode.

Fateh leaves Tejo and Angad at the same time thinks that he has to finish Tejo at the moment as Jasmin and Amrik are also not present here. Jasmin, there is looking after Fateh everywhere, Amrik consoles her and says that Fateh can handle Angad alone. But Jasmin says that Angad can harm Tejo. Amrik asks that she told him Angad wants to marry Tejo. Jasmin then says that Fateh must have to know that Angad tried to kill Tejo earlier. She further says Angad will move heaven and earth to separate Tejo and Fateh.

Tejo there is looking for Angad and he also shocked seeing Tejo. Meanwhile, a pole falls over Tejo but just then Fateh comes there and saves Tejo. Angad fumes Fateh saved Tejo again. Fateh again suggests Tejo to think again and tells that it was Angad who did all this. But Tejo still can’t believe Fateh and says how can she believe in him you could have done this as well. Just then Angad comes finding a right time and asks Tejo where is she as he was looking for her all around.

Tejo asks Angad about him and says she was also looking for him everywhere. Tejo then says take me from here as her life is jeopardized. Tejo then says that Fateh thinks it was you who executed all the incidents. Tejo asked Fateh if he has any idea about how much she struggled when she came here.

Angad says but you are safe, has promised her that he will protect her always. Angad says that he won’t allow Fateh to come near her. Amrik there suggests calling their mother here, but Fateh says that they can’t involve anyone so far. Tune in to Colors Tv at 7 PM and watch all-new episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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