Ty Pennington and his wife Kellee Merrell take an adventurous trip to Aspen to celebrate his 58th birthday.

Ty Pennington and his wife Kellee Merrell take an adventurous trip to Aspen to celebrate his 58th birthday.

The HGTV celebrity revealed on Monday a glimpse of his birthday celebrations with his wife Kellee Merrell in Aspen, Colorado.

"Wonderful birthday celebrations in Aspen Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, #olderbutnotwiser! "The caption on Pennington's post was 58.

He chronicled his excursions with Merrell, 34, in a series of Instagram pictures, beginning with a delicious dinner visit. Pennington posed for a photograph at an outdoor table in front of a tray of oysters.

The pair engaged in various enjoyable activities, including fishing, in preparation for their one-year wedding anniversary in November. In a cute photo taken by the water, the couple wore identical waders as well as lanyards that held beer koozies.
The two went on a nature expedition that included a selfie in front of a beautiful mountain backdrop and a video of Pennington having a blast running through an aspen forest. He and Merrell can be heard giggling as he danced around and embraced trees.

The former contestant of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition concluded his post with other images of his wife and their dog exploring the woods, as well as one of himself using a camera to capture the serene surroundings.

A few days before turning 58, Pennington posted an Instagram video of himself travelling through the city's gorgeous fall foliage.

He captioned the picture, "Aspen, you show-off!!
He celebrated his big day by posting a photo of himself on Instagram on October 19. "The 58th time around the sun, and I'm feeling wonderful! Sadly, I had to, "He composed. "But truly, things do keep getting better and better. We appreciate your interest in the journey."

A couple of images from the photo collection showed the well-known carpenter grinning while fishing while dressed in bright red flannel.
In July 2021, Merrell, a social media manager from Vancouver, received a marriage proposal from Pennington. In November of the same year, the couple exchanged vows in a small ceremony at their Savannah, Georgia, home in front of just eight people.

Pennington first met Merrell in 2010 while he was filming a TV show in Toronto, and they stayed in touch throughout the years through common acquaintances. Pennington most recently appeared in HGTV's Ty Breaker and Battle on the Beach.

Early in 2020, they reconnected and chose to spend the COVID-19 pandemic in quarantine together, which is when their romance really started to take off.

"I've long admired Kellee from a distance. She is stunning both inside and out "After they were engaged, Pennington spoke exclusively to PEOPLE. "Fortunately, our paths ultimately converged at the ideal moment. It's one of those things where being near someone makes you simply joyful. She altered my perception of marriage, something I had never previously had. I'm glad I waited for him."

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