Tribe names and colours for "Survivor 43": Who belongs to the Baka, Coco, and Vesi tribes?

Tribe names and colours for "Survivor 43": Who belongs to the Baka, Coco, and Vesi tribes?

Longtime "Survivor" fans frequently feel like they have homework to do after watching the first episode because they are exposed to 18 brand-new characters and several tribes in only one hour (or, in the case of Season 43, the span of two hours). This helpful cheat sheet of the "Survivor 43" tribe names and colours is offered to you by Gold Derby as a result. For this Fall 2022 episode, the 18 castaways have been separated into the Baka (yellow), Coco (blue), and Vesi (red) tribes. On September 21, the programme airs for the first time on CBS.
First off, just a brief reminder that "Survivor 43" was filmed on the stunning islands of Fiji in the early spring (the show's regular location). Again, there won't be a theme or subtitle for the upcoming cycle. The season number has taken the place of titles like "Survivor: Worlds Apart" or "Survivor: Edge of Extinction." Unless the producers decide to change things up for a future All Stars season, it's likely that this pattern will continue for "Survivor 44," "Survivor 45," etc.
Clinical psychologist Elisabeth "Elie" Scott, 31, of Salt Lake City, Utah
Mike "Gabler" Gabler, a heart valve expert from Meridian, Idaho, is 52 years old.
Teacher Morriah Young, 28 years old, is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Owen Knight, a college admissions officer from New Orleans, Louisiana, is 30 years old.
UX designer Jeanine Zheng, 24, of San Francisco, California
Sami Layadi, a pet cremator from Las Vegas, Nevada, is 19 years old.
James Jones, a 37-year-old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, event planner
Pediatric nurse Lindsay Carmine, 42, of Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Ryan Medrano, a warehouse worker from El Paso, Texas, is 25 years old.
Project manager Geo Bustamante, 36, of Honolulu, Hawaii
Karla Cruz Godoy, a project manager for education from Newark, Delaware, is 28 years old.
Cassidy Clark, a designer from Austin, Texas, is 26 years old.
Graduate student from Collierville, Tennessee, Dwight Moore, age 22
Nneka Ejere, a pharmacist from Weatherford, Texas, is 43 years old.
Elevator salesperson Cody Assenmacher, 35, of Honolulu, Hawaii
American paralympian Noelle Lambert (age 25), from Manchester, New Hampshire
Political science PhD candidate Jesse Lopez (30), of Durham, North Carolina
Sales representative for cyber security from Marina Del Rey, California, Justine Brennan (age 29)
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