- by Lalit Naidu

Rumbling religiously, a royal reptile races
On parallelly running rails, a travel it traces
Hundreds of beings, party on its back
As their life’s tracks are synced with its tracks
It keeps slithering, in thick and thin

Under simmering sun, Under recurring rain
Meet our artery and our vein
Welcome aboard our own dear train

Chugging cheerfully, the endless chariot runs
Carrying tons of carriage, as if there were none
Lakhs of lives rely regularly, on its rambling reliable
 For the poorest of poor, making travelling viable

It keeps on labouring, no fatigue no pain
Welcome to our artery and our vein
Welcome aboard our own dear train 

Whistling woelessly, the beast woos life
To make fullest of the voyage, this voyager strives
Carrying within, a miscellany of endless emotions
Both its own and of the commuters in commotion

The reptile relishes its journey, none to lose, all to gain
‘India’s artery and vein’ - runs the endearing train

When the first rain arrives, torrents and torrents gushing
The wheeled reptile rejoices, happy endorphins rushing
The most romantic petrichor, spreads itself in air
The air which the racer carries, for miles without a care

Petrichor from all lands, blend in a cocktail insane
As majestically strides, our artery and our vein
Our very dear train

Monsoon and Iron, share a relation sweet-bitter
As a brownish-reddish buddy, slowly starts a clutter
Rusty air meets rusty tracks and rusty bolts and links
The reptile keeps rejoicing, unaware, it hardly thinks

Some concerned teams are formed; for repairs brains are strained
Oblivious to all, rambles on, our train
Our artery and our vein, our very own dear train

All Credit Goes to Lalit Naidu

His Facebook Id: Lalit Naidu

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