Top Ten Marvel Comics Secrets That Have Lasted The Longest

Top Ten Marvel Comics Secrets That Have Lasted The Longest

There are probably a lot of hidden things in the Marvel Universe. Whether major or tiny, these hidden information have impacted the universe in ways that have only recently become clear. Others have roots in the here and now, while yet others can be traced back to distant epochs.

Some of these secrets, when made public, altered the perspectives of Marvel heroes and villains alike. After these long-held secrets were revealed, no one could look at anything in the Marvel Universe in the same way they had before.

In the early days of the Avengers, Iron Man stole a lock of Thor's hair.

First and foremost, Iron Man is a brilliant engineer. He is obsessed with finding the best solution to an issue, regardless of the consequences to those around him. Bill Foster dies because of a secret that Iron Man kept hidden for a long time.

Iron Man took some of Thor's hair from him in the early days of the Avengers and saved it for cloning. Years would pass before Iron Man, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym would put this secret to use by creating a cybernetic clone of Thor. Bill Foster was fatally struck by the clone because it lacked Thor's intelligence.

To save the original X-Men, Xavier and Moira dispatched a covert team to Krakoa.

A mythology was born from the adventures of the X-Men: All-New, All-Different. Xavier assembled a new squad of X-Men after losing his first students to the vampiric mutant island of Krakoa. For years, nobody knew that this was actually Xavier's second recruiting class. Cyclops returned to tell Xavier about Krakoa, and the two men immediately sought out Moira MacTaggert for assistance.

Young mutants Darwin, Petra, Sway, and Vulcan, who no one knew was Cyclops' brother, were under Moira's tutelage. A Cyclops brought these four to Krakoa, but the island seemingly took their lives. Cyclops had his memory of this operation wiped by Xavier, who subsequently sent him on another attempt with the well-known crew. Vulcan merged with Darwin to keep alive, and years later he attacked the X-Men as payback for being abandoned.

Years before Xavier formed the X-Men, Moira MacTaggert told him about her mutant secret.

When Moira MacTaggert and Charles Xavier first met at Oxford, she told him a major secret she had been keeping. Every time Moira died, she reincarnated as herself, complete with all of her memories from previous life. In each of her nine prior lifetimes, humanity had eventually succeeded in wiping out all mutants.

After sharing their discovery with Magneto, Moira and Xavier quietly set about building a nation for mutants. The three of them established a new nation on the living island of Krakoa, one where Moira's very existence was kept hidden. On Krakoa, however, she was working toward her own goals, recreating a mutant cure she had developed in a previous incarnation.

Super Soldier Serum was initially tested by the U.S. government on

Captain America is not unique to Steve Rogers, nor was he the first person to be injected with the super soldier serum. Rogers was not even used as a test subject by the United States government. Instead, they subjected a number of black males to tests of the "super soldier serum." Isaiah Bradley, who was introduced to the general public in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, was the most accomplished agent in the OSS and was given numerous top-secret assignments to complete during World War II.

Bradley never told a soul about his wartime involvement, and the authorities hid this fact for decades. The public's perception of the super soldier project shifted once the shady experiment was uncovered.

There Was No Mistake: Namor Is A Mutant

Namor, originally introduced to the surface world in 1939, is the Marvel Universe's most potent underwater hero. During this time, Namor was an enemy of humanity who actively sought to destroy New York City by battling the Human Torch. When World War II broke out, he fought alongside the Allies against the Nazis, and in the decades that followed, he played both good and bad roles.

For a long time, it was widely believed that Namor's abilities stemmed from his mixed human and Atlantean ancestry. The mutation passed down via his family gave Namor his abilities and made him one of the oldest mutants on Earth.

There Are Many Unknowns In Wolverine's Life.

The history of Wolverine has been like an onion, with each new layer being revealed as time passed. Despite the fact that not everything fit together, it did result in some unexpected discoveries. Wolverine's real name was James Howlett, and he was born into a privileged Canadian family in the late 19th century. The night his abilities began to manifest, the groundskeeper attacked his family, and James killed him.

Later, James would make his way to the Canadian bush, where he would eventually kill his friend Rose and turn feral. After he regained his humanity, he would join Weapon X and become a soldier/superhero. Even though he had lost track of a century's worth of memories, they had left an indelible mark on who he was.

The Darwinist Ideas of the Apocalypse Were Helpful.

Most people have a distorted view of Apocalypse as a villain. Apocalypse and Genesis ruled the island of mutants thousands of years ago. But Amenth's demons launched an assault on the ancient mutant nation. Although the combat was intense, Genesis and her offspring managed to turn the tide.

Once Okkara fell, its troops set out to fight the Amenthi in their own planet, Otherworld. Apocalypse's belief in survival of the fittest was motivated by the fact that he was abandoned to build an army strong enough to fight the demons when they returned.

For aeons, the Inhumans kept themselves hidden from the Human Race.

The history of the Inhumans is intertwined with Earth's own. As the Kree travelled to Earth, they experimented on humanity, leaving behind crystals that would later be used to create the mutagenic Terrigen Mists. The resulting Inhumans established a culture and eventually relocated from Earth.

For millennia, an inhuman society and technology thrived without interference from Earthlings. The Inhumans emerged from their secret city of Attilan after the advent of the contemporary superhero age, establishing contact with the outside world.

Intelligent life in the universe was produced by celestials.

For an extremely long time, no one knew where or how intelligent life first emerged throughout the cosmos. In any case, if the Eternals started coming out in the open, the truth would be out in the open. It was believed that the alien giants had created Eternals to protect the life they seeded across the universe, and that the Celestials had done the same for Earth.

The Celestials were not only among the oldest but also the most potent entities in the universe. They crisscrossed the galaxy for millions of years, spreading life from planet to planet. Even if they didn't originate all life, they were important in its development.

Galactus predates the universe as we know it now.

Galactus is responsible for more deaths than any other Marvel character. Galan of Taa, one of the last people to live in the previous reality, was once the World Devourer. His transformation into Galactus was fueled by the elemental forces of both devastation and creation.

If Galactus had been granted the Cosmic Power, he would have spent his billions of years devouring worlds in the name of cosmic harmony. To this day, few entities in the Marvel Universe know Galactus' true origin, a secret that has been carefully guarded for untold millennia. What started as a simple scientist has evolved into something unfathomable to him.

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