Top 10 Instagram Models in Bikini

Top 10 Instagram Models in Bikini

Best Bikini Body Models In Instagram

As much as we hate the term “bikini body”—if you have a body and wear a bikini, you’ve got one!—it’s hard not to get a little inspired and excited for summer by peeking the best bikini bodies on Instagram.

We short-list the 10 best bikini bodies on Instagram, in no particular order.

Sakshi Malik

sakshi malik instagram

sakshi malik

Aditi Budhathoki

aditi budhathoki

aditi budhathoki instagram

Urfi Javed

urfi javed instagram

urfi javed

Zara Yesmin

zara yesmin

zaara yesmin instagram

Archana Gupta

archana gupta instagram

archana gupta

Gauri Mehta

gauri mehta instagram

gauri mehta

Meghna Kaur

meghna kaur instagram

meghna kaur

Nikita Sharma

nikita sharma instagram

nikita sharma

Pranati Rai Prakash

pranati rai prakash instagram

pranati rai prakash

Priyanka Tyagi

priyanka tyagi instagram

priyanka tyagi

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