Tomorrow very definitely sees the release of the The Last of Us TV programme trailer from HBO.

Tomorrow very definitely sees the release of the The Last of Us TV programme trailer from HBO.

HBO's eagerly awaited "The Last of You" television series has already given us a sneak peek, but tomorrow may be a significant day for long-term adaptations in development. As current fans are already aware, the Cordyceps virus epidemic in the franchise's canon occurred on September 26th, also known as the last of our days (or Outbreak Day, as it was formerly known).

Additionally, the series' creator Neil Druckman and author Craig Mazin are generating buzz online. "Two days left till our last day Twitter," the vice president of Naughty Dog wrote over the weekend. "What will happen this year?" He sent a futuristic GIF of Marlene's persona, and Mazin replied by adding a GIF of a trembling Ellie. There's probably something going on.
When you take into account that HBO is now promoting a brand campaign called 50 years of the first to honour the broadcaster's five decades of groundbreaking television, the evidence becomes more compelling. The Last of Us is presently one of the HBO Originals' marquee titles, and as part of that, it promises sneak peaks and early glances at some of its upcoming titles. Really, it doesn't take a genius to figure this out, does it?

In related news, the television programme @TheLastofUsHBO has a dedicated official Twitter account. Although it hasn't been updated with any material yet, you do realise that this is in advance of a significant marketing campaign, right? We currently assume that it is a given, but let's wait and see what tomorrow's final day brings, shall we?

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