Tom Girardi, husband of RHOBH star Erika Jayne, purchased the $1.2 million home now owned by the LA FBI chief.

Tom Girardi, husband of RHOBH star Erika Jayne, purchased the $1.2 million home now owned by the LA FBI chief.

Tom Girardi, the infamous attorney and husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne, is accused of avoiding criminal prosecution despite years of alleged theft, according to, and he recently bought a $1.2 million mansion from the head of the Los Angeles FBI.

In Orange County, California, Girardi, 83, resides in an assisted living facility. His relatives informed the court that he had dementia. He was one of Los Angeles' most effective attorneys for many years. Everything fell apart in 2020 as his financial issues grew worse.
Many of Girardi's previous clients charged him with conducting his law practise like a Ponzi scheme. They all related the same narrative in court. In a court struggle, Girardi won them a cash settlement, but he made excuses when it came time to pay them.
Girardi was charged with stealing his client's money and using it to support his opulent lifestyle with Erika in numerous lawsuits. The Bravo personality has even been named in numerous lawsuits that call for her to repay money that Girardi's legal practise Girardi Keese used to pay the company's invoices, EJ Global.

A probe was started by the State Bar of California to find out how Girardi was able to go unpunished for so long. Despite more than 200 complaints being made against the now-disbarred attorney, it was discovered that no action was done against him.

Friends of Girardi's from the State Bar are allegedly turning a blind eye. According to documents found by Law360, Girardi bought the house that is currently held by the director of the FBI's Los Angeles division.
The LA office is the same office that most recently detained the former CFO of Girardi on suspicion of wire fraud.

According to Law360, Donald Alway, the FBI's assistant director in charge, has a 1,600 sq. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, house of ft.

According to the publication, Girardi paid Michelle Always's mother's mortgage, according to records.

According to bank records, Girardi paid his mortgage on the house from 1993 until at least 1998. In June 2021, a Girardi Keese partner gave Michelle Always the deed. This year, Michelle and Alway shared ownership of the house. She and her kid both own 50% of the apartment.

At Girardi Geese, Michelle served as Girarid's secretary.

According to an FBI official speaking to Law360, "[Assistant Director in Charge] Alway has not been involved in this investigation, which primarily precedes his time in the Los Angeles Division, since moving from FBI Headquarters to his new job in Los Angeles on Aug. 29, 2022.
As previously revealed by, Jayne's legal issues are still very much alive. She is still being sued for $25 million, with the demand that she repay money used to fund her business.

The Bravo star just received a $2.2 million tax bill that she claims she is unable to pay, as first reported by

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