To locate a missing puppy, Paris Hilton hires a dog psychic and a pet detective.

To locate a missing puppy, Paris Hilton hires a dog psychic and a pet detective.

Paris Hilton has made a fervent appeal for the return of her missing dog and has enlisted the aid of a psychic and a pet detective.

The heiress' chihuahua, Diamond Baby, vanished last week during a picture shoot, and Hilton said she has been "doing everything in my power to get her back."

The 41-year-old highlighted how "extremely hard" it has been searching for her pet dog in a lengthy and sentimental Instagram post on Monday.
Hilton wrote, "I've been searching door to door and high and low across my entire neighbourhood with my family and friends, but we still haven't found her.
We've employed a pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic, and we're currently researching dog-finding drones.

The Jim Carrey film Ace Ventura probably introduced the idea of a pet detective to the majority of people, yet actual pet detectives do exist.
There are a few pet detectives working in the United States, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. They employ a number of techniques to track and look for lost animals, but other dogs are typically used to sniff for the missing animals.
Hilton continued, "Anyone who has ever loved a pet and lost a pet would understand this agony that I'm feeling. My heart is torn."
I've been crying because I'm so unhappy and miserable, she said. "Without her present, I feel like a piece of myself is missing, and nothing is the same. Diamond Baby is my entire world; to me, she is like a daughter. She was my best friend and was never far from my side; we were inseparable. Because people can be nasty and I'm concerned for her safety, I've been hesitant to make an APB public for her. However, I need her back desperately, and the longer I wait, the slimmer my prospects of doing so seem to be."
Hilton's admission of guilt follows the mistaken release of a teenager accused of stealing Lady Gaga's dog in 2021, who was later returned. Gustav and Koji, two French bulldogs owned by the pop artist, were taken, and their dog walker was wounded in an incident in Los Angeles.
In order to find Diamond Baby, Hilton pleaded with her followers in the final paragraph of her message.

"Please contact the following email address if you have any information regarding Diamond Baby's whereabouts or believe you have seen her:
If she returns, there will be a sizable payment and NO questions will be asked. Please email me if you have any information, and please keep a watch out for my child."

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