Times of Our Lives 17–21 October, spoilers

Times of Our Lives 17–21 October, spoilers

For Monday, October 17, through Friday, October 21, we have the most recent Days of Our Lives spoilers available. Brady is there to prevent John from making a terrible mistake as it is about to happen. Additionally, Tripp strikes Johnny after finding him looking around his father's office, and Stefan starts to doubt Kristen!
Brady and John have taken turns over the years trying to keep the other from making mistakes. Brady's turn appears to be coming up. Will he, however, be a success? Or is John willing to go to any lengths?
Marlena hears that a potential treatment may have been found, which suggests that at least one of Orpheus' victims may finally be getting better.
Chloe is going to give it the old college try even though we've never really thought of Kristen as the kind of woman who would declare a ceasefire with someone.

Guess what's causing Rafe and Nicole to argue right now. The key is that it rhymes with "Derek."
It appears like Kate is nearing the end of her life. Will it turn out that Chad's visit to her is a farewell visit? Kayla also experiences a change for the worst in the meanwhile.

Kristen believes it's time to obtain exactly what she wants after seeing her old rival Marlena. But will she be able to exert pressure on Brady?
Some would contend that Johnny has earned punches multiple times in the previous year. However, Tripp takes the glory by striking Allie's identical twin brother.

Gabi receives the divorce papers from Stefan. But if we are to believe the fiery beauty, she won't give up the battle!

Gabi receives the divorce papers from Stefan. But if we are to believe the fiery beauty, she won't give up the battle!

By offering to provide a helping hand to Gwen, Jack demonstrates that he is a stronger (or even a better) man than others.

As they make a surprising move, Xander and Sarah put up a united face.

upcoming Days of Our Lives spoilers for October 20th:

Johnny is caught engaging in improper behaviour.

Ava asks Gwen for help when she needs it for her most recent scheme to exact revenge on EJ. After all, the two have already collaborated, albeit with uneven outcomes!

The moment Li comes upon Gabi and Stefan, things are undoubtedly at their most heated.

Joey and Tripp compete for Wendy's attention, showing what a lucky lady she is.

Friday, October 21 spoilers for Days of Our Lives:

How will Eric respond to some somewhat shocking employment news?

Finally, Stefan seems to be realising that Kristen might have been more involved in his current predicament than he first thought.

Brady is utterly devastated by the circumstances surrounding Chloe.

After receiving crucial information from Rafe, Gabi might be in charge!

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