Times of Our Lives 10–21 October, spoilers

Times of Our Lives 10–21 October, spoilers

For Monday, October 10, through Friday, October 21, we have the most recent Days of Our Lives spoilers available. Even when many around them start to lose hope, Marlena, Kate, and Kayla keep battling for their lives. Meanwhile, someone is ready to offer Johnny something he's been waiting for for a while, and Eric receives news that could be devastating!
In the recap for today, Chanel, Allie, and Alex play threesomes, EJ drives Ava away from Salem, and Stephanie welcomes Chad home.
When Sloan stops by with some unpleasant news, Paulina's political career could end up being quite brief.

It sounds like dad EJ, who is about to reveal Ava's most recent deception, will give Johnny an eye-opening experience.

Who's Abigail? Chad and Stephanie's relationship is clearly becoming hotter...

They'll always be in our hearts. Join us as we honour the daytime veterans who left us in 2022 by looking through a photo collection that highlights their careers.

Tuesday, October 11 spoilers for Days of Our Lives:

Wendy Shin visits the area to ask her big brother Li for assistance. Wendy Shin first gained widespread notice when she was featured on the Days of Our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem: Chapter Two.

Who is in control will soon become clear to Gabi. (Warning: It's not her!)

Paulina summons her colleagues to deliver the awful news: She is the victim of a blackmail plot!

Johnny is seeking retribution against his father, and it appears that he may have found a means to do so!

Spoilers for Wednesday, October 12's episode of Days of Our Lives:

Not just Paulina is anxious about the possibility of her secret being revealed. Chanel is also alarmed by the possibility!

Will Li and EJ be able to come to an agreement or will they come to the conclusion that they cannot trust one another?

Chad and Stephanie have Alex feeling less than delighted. But what is it that he is criticising them for?

Friday, October 15 spoilers for Days of Our Lives:

Kate's situation isn't looking good at all. But maybe having Roman approach her and make a marriage proposal will motivate her to keep fighting for her life in addition to smiling!

I wonder how Brady will respond when Chloe makes a fairly startling idea to him.

Marlena, who has been pronounced dead herself a few times, confides in John that she worries the end is coming this time—for realsies!

Kristen has a plan, but here's the thing: your strategy may require some revision if even Dr. Rolf is doubting it.

Days of Our Lives hints for the upcoming 14th of October:

As their mother's health deteriorates, Tripp and Joey return to Salem. Here's hope that the triangle will soon take centre stage, given the sparks that soared between both boys and Wendy.

Nicole acknowledges that she has feelings for Eric even now. She informs him, but it's not him. I wonder what Chloe plans to do with the knowledge. Jada is there to soothe Eric as he struggles with the horrible predicament Marlena finds herself in.

Nothing makes Kristen happier than getting the upper hand... particularly in regards to Brady!

How to watch Days now that it has departed NBC

Week of October 17 spoilers for Days of Our Lives
Monday, October 17 spoilers for Days of Our Lives:

Brady and John have taken turns over the years trying to keep the other from making mistakes. Brady's turn appears to be coming up. Will he, however, be a success? Or is John willing to go to any lengths?

Tuesday, October 18 spoilers for Days of Our Lives:

It appears like Kate is nearing the end of her life. Will it turn out that Chad's visit to her is a farewell visit?

Spoilers for Wednesday, October 19's episode of Days of Our Lives:

Some would contend that Johnny has earned punches multiple times in the previous year. However, Tripp takes the glory by striking Allie's identical twin brother.

Gabi receives the divorce papers from Stefan. But if we are to believe the fiery beauty, she won't give up the battle!

upcoming Days of Our Lives spoilers for October 20th:

Johnny is caught engaging in improper behaviour.

Friday, October 21 spoilers for Days of Our Lives:

How will Eric respond to some somewhat shocking employment news?

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