Third wave of covid may hit India by October

Third wave of covid may hit India by October

India is still not totally recovered from the dangerous second wave of coronavirus and the third wave is likely to hit the country by October, claimed health experts.

The third wave will be under control but will remain a public health threat for another one year, according to a Reuters news agency's poll of medical experts.

According to the survey, 85% of respondents (21 of 24) predicted that the next wave will hit India by October while 3 predicted it will hit by August and 12 by September and the other 3 said between November and February.

More than 70% of experts believe that new outbreak will cause less damage as compared to the prevailing one. Vaccination would play a very important role to control the third wave.

“It will be more controlled, as cases will be much less because more vaccinations would have been rolled out and there would be some degree of natural immunity from the second wave”, said Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of All India Institute Of Medical Science(AIIMS).

Source: Hindustan Times, Times Of India

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