There are still 300 hours of cosmetology education for Amanda Bynes.

There are still 300 hours of cosmetology education for Amanda Bynes.

The 36-year-old star, who began her career as a child actress with her own Nickelodeon sketch show before leaving the business more than ten years ago due to personal issues, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2019 but returned to school in early October with the intention of becoming a manicurist. She is currently one-quarter of the way through her course.

On Instagram, she wrote: "preparing for tomorrow's school. Before I can obtain my licence to work as a nail technician, I still need to complete 300 hours. (sic)"

Only a few weeks have passed since the "Hairspray" actress told her followers she had started her new business.
"In cosmetology college, to become a manicurist," she added.

The "She's the Man" star previously admitted that even though she has no desire to return to acting as such, it would be "fun" to reprise her role as Holly Tyler on the sitcom "What I Like About You," which she starred on alongside Jennie Garth between 2002 and 2006. Holly Tyler was under a conservatorship arrangement governed by her parents for almost a decade until 2022 after suffering from drug and mental health problems.

She uttered: "I adore them and long to collaborate with them once more. Although I don't miss acting, I would be willing to take on a new role for this revival because I enjoyed the programme. A continuation of the show would be fantastic ".

Amanda recently revealed intentions to launch her own fragrance in time for the forthcoming Christmas season. Amanda and boyfriend Paul Michael are said to have split earlier this year after dating for two years.

I'm going to New York in June to work on creating a fragrance that will be available for launch around the holidays, she said.

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