There Were Those Occasions When Uttaran Actress Tina Dattas Stunning Bengali Good Looks Left Us Breathless

There Were Those Occasions When Uttaran Actress Tina Dattas Stunning Bengali Good Looks Left Us Breathless

The actress Tina Datta is famous for always showcasing the latest trends in her Instagram posts. Tina is the best there is when it comes to ethnic clothes since she has always been daring and has attempted many different themes. Today marks the beginning of the much-anticipated Durga Pooja season, so let's look back at five occasions when actress Tina Datta absolutely nailed the Bengali style. Tina is a devout bong user and observer of her Hindu faith and culture, therefore she never misses the annual Durga Pooja Shoots. These are the five most jaw-dropping Bengali outfits that Tina Datta has ever worn, in our humble opinion.
1. It's Got That Bong Bride Feeling: Tina Datta embodies the image of a stylish, sophisticated Bengali bride with her natural makeup, loose waves, and gold jewellery. We adore the fact that there is awe in the most basic things.

2. Charmingly Cinematic: Tina's eyes and expressions perfectly characterize the Ekla Chalo Re song, and she could easily be the lead in a high-budget Bengali film. The gajra-draped bun is the star of the show.

3. Although transitions are commonplace on Tina Datta's social media, this one is unlike the rest thanks to the inclusion of some peppy genda phool. With her signature red bangles and a clean, minimalist outfit, this Bong-made music video is sure to please.

4. Remember the name Devdas? Tina is very photogenic, as evidenced by her many stunning pictures... Datta revitalises our recollections of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's performance in Devdas. Warning: This sounds familiar.

5. A King Declared! Now that Durga Pooja has begun, Tina Datta has posted a few images on her Facebook, and we must say that we're impressed with what we see. Regal! Absolutely magnificent! when it's at its best...

Tina has many Bengali-inspired looks; which one do you like best? Post your thoughts in the section below. Participation by Tina in the 16th season of Bigg Boss on Colors has been widely reported. Tonight is the premiere of the show, and there's been a lot of talk about it already.

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