The sweet details of Kadeem Hardisons off-screen relationship with Cree Summer are revealed!

The sweet details of Kadeem Hardisons off-screen relationship with Cree Summer are revealed!

35 years later, A Different World is still a mainstay of culture! We will always be grateful to the Hillman college students who provided us six seasons of absolute gold, from the unique design to the realistic plots. Don't even begin to discuss how immersed we were in the romance between Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert.

More behind-the-scenes information from the show has recently come to light, and we can't help but swoon. The actor who portrayed Dwayne Wayne, Kadeem Hardison, claimed that he and Cree Summer had a real-life romance. He described how he met the natural beauty who portrayed Freddie Brooks in the well-known sitcom.
"Cree and I...from the minute we met we became best friends," Hardison said in a clip from an upcoming episode of TV One's Uncensored.

The actor said, "We went out one night, started kissing, and the next thing I knew, she was telling me she loved me. I then had to hide my love for Cree while pretending to adore Jasmine.

The NAACP Image Award winner responded, "That wasn't even my worry at the time," when Essence questioned him about whether it ever became awkward. Jasmine's boyfriend at the time, Dominic [Hoffman], appeared in a few instances. It's as if you had a wife for work and another for home. But your home spouse also happens to be your coworker. Although it might have been tricky, because of how much they loved one another, there was never a problem. Good God, if you thought Darryl and I were tight, just wait until you saw him with Jasmine. They accentuated each other's sense of humour.

ICYMI: Cree Summer and Kadeem Hardison brazenly displayed PDA, dominated red carpets together, and even managed to sneak a kiss in on the season-five premiere of the show while they were dating.

Oh, very cute! When Uncensored season seven premieres on Sunday, we're eager to discover more about their early romance (Sept. 25).

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